6ix9ine: who is really his girlfriend Jade?


Just out of prison, 6ix9ine is talking about him again … And his girlfriend, Jade! Who is she really? Jade and 6ix9ine find themselves after months in prison! In house detention , the rapper takes advantage of his sweetheart … who seems as barred as him! Who is she really? We help you understand!

Because Jade seems as complex as her boyfriend. Him, imprisoned then threatened for having thrown all his gang … She, former bartender of a strip club and at war with Cardi B: an explosive cocktail! The two lovers have known each other since 2018 . They get together after the girl’s birthday … where 6ix9ine offers her a watch over $ 35,000 ! A special story begins then …

The rapper quickly finds himself behind bars. In the meantime, he discovers his partner targeted by a Cardi B attack in his strip club . The reason ? She would have slept with Offset … The rapper’s husband, then.

Cardi B ends up condemned , but Jade does not give up. She even publishes conversations with Offset on the Internet… 6ix9ine’s girlfriend therefore has a very strong character. But she also seems very in love !

She thus stands up to the ex of her darling, Sara Molina. The rapper’s ex-girlfriend, with whom she had a child, seems to hate him in a terrible way … She refuses to let him see their child . And he also often calls him a cocaine addict.

But Jade does not give up. Even when 6ix9ine ends up in prison , she shows her support … quite surprisingly. She is therefore tattooed the face of her love on the chest.

The young lady also wears a rainbow wig in honor of her darling … whom she defends body and soul as soon as he seems attacked. She even visits him in prison, and publishes a photo: a very very devoted girlfriend.

No wonder, therefore, to find it in the GOOBA clip. 6ix9ine signs back a week ago with a new YouTube video… Inevitably, Jade stays by her side!


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