6ix9ine the rapper is officially released from prison


6ix9ine the rapper is officially released from prison. Convicted of racketeering, the use of firearms, and drug trafficking, 6ix9ine finally gets out of prison after a few months of confinement.

Like many American prisoners, 6ix9ine was released from prison because it was considered vulnerable to Covid-19 . The rapper will therefore have to serve the rest of his sentence at home.

Around the world, the Covid-19 is spreading and claiming more and more victims . Since March 17, leaving your home is therefore prohibited. To fight against the virus, staying at home is the best solution!

If the American authorities have been slow to implement this measure, across the Atlantic , the situation is now the same. Considered a person at risk, 6ix9ine then left the Brooklyn prison in which he had been incarcerated for 2 years.

Asthmatic , the rapper runs a higher risk of succumbing to the virus. His lawyer therefore asked for his immediate release. However, 6ix9ine is not completely free. He will then have to serve the rest of his sentence at home.


Convicted of drug trafficking, possession of firearms and racketeering, the 6ix9ine case made a lot of noise on the Internet. In fact, the rapper agreed to collaborate with the authorities to have his sentence reduced. He then went from 37 to 2 years in prison.

6ix9ine therefore swung the names of several members of the gang which he acted. Strongly criticized for this act of “betrayal”, the rapper took it for his rank! But he does not intend to dismantle himself. Far from there ! Authorized to release new sounds , the interpreter of Gummo wishes to mark the occasion.

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Thus, 2 albums are already being prepared. One will then be in English and the other in Spanish. Besides, other headliners could benefit from the same treatment. R Kelly and Bill Cosby are also on the at risk list.


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