6ix9ine: His girlfriend gives the real reason for his release from prison

Free for only a few days, 6ix9ine is already making a lot of noise on the Internet. His girlfriend gives the real reason for his release!

Vulnerable to the coronavirus, 6ix9ine left prison in Brooklyn and is therefore serving the end of his sentence at his home. However, his girlfriend denies this version and reveals the reason for his release .

As you know, all over the world, the Covid-19 is raging and the victims are piling up.

For security measures , 6ix9ine then left the Brooklyn prison. Under house arrest, he is therefore serving the end of his sentence at home.

Suffering from asthma, the rapper is more vulnerable to the virus and therefore could not stay behind bars.

The prison is not the place offering the best hygienic conditions . Moreover, the rate of contraction of the virus is even very high there.

Convicted of racketeering, possession of weapons, and drug trafficking, 6ix9ine is now a free man .

However, the rapper from Broklyn is already talking about him on social networks . You have to believe that nothing can stop it.



The girlfriend of 6ix9ine worships an unnamed cult for the rapper. It’s simple, she is his biggest fan .

Happy to have found her darling, the young woman then had fun trolling Internet users .

On her Instagram account, Jade then revealed the real reason why the interpreter of Gummo is already free.

According to her, 6ix9ine was therefore not released for health reasons. The rapper would be sent to investigate the origins of the Covid-19 …

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” Your King is back!” ” Has she said proudly exposing the achievements earned by her boyfriend.

In the rest of her message, Jade explains that the man with rainbow hair must unmask the person responsible for all this mess.



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