6ix9ine compares itself to Batman! Details


6ix9ine thinks he’s a hero! Indeed, the 24-year-old rapper even compared himself to the Marvel character Batman, just that!

6ix9ine didn’t wait long to make the news in 2021! Indeed, the rapper has just compared himself to Batman!

6ix9ine proves its eccentricity once again! Indeed, the rapper known for his reputation of “balance” continues to play on this status which does not however enhance it at all!

Indeed, never mind, the artist even prefers to be proud of it! So during an exchange last year a man asked him what it was like to be the “richest rat in the world”! A question that could have upset him, but given the answer, it is not!

Indeed, rapper 6ix9ine even compared himself to a superhero saying, “I mean, that feels good. I sent a lot of bad people far away, I saved the world. I mean… I’m like Batman. ”


4 months after its release, rapper 6ix9ine can boast of having released a hit to end this funny year 2021! Indeed, his latest clip “Tutu” is a real hit since it has already exceeded more than 100 million views on the video platform!

The comments, for their part, number in the hundreds of thousands …

“6ix9ine is the rapper we really love to hate! “” Everyone criticizes this rapper, but in the meantime his clips are thousands of views! “” He is really one of the rappers who leave us perplexed … are they geniuses or crazy? ”

Can we read on the video platform! We let you watch the clip in question of the rapper below… Watch out for your eyes!

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