6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj release a new version of their tube “Trollz”!


Nicki Minaj and his sidekick 6ix9ine continue to shake the web! The duo has just unveiled a completely different version of the title “Trollz”.

This is the duo phenomenon of the year! 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj then dropped a bomb with their new title, Trollz. And their success doesn’t stop with just one version of this tube …

Tekashi says “6ix9ine” therefore surprised everyone with his clip “Trollz”. A song whose clip was released on YouTube last June 12 and which already has nearly 10 million views!

This is much less than the 100 million announced by Tekashi and the rapper Onika of his real name. But it’s no less honorable, in short.

Flashy wigs, lots of sweets … The video explodes as much by its number of views as by the saturated colors on the screen. An audible and visual slap!

We then discovered not the least queen of US rap alongside 6ix9ine, in a clip that is both pop, colorful and very provocative. Inside, the rapper who just got out of prison even has fun talking about his electronic bracelet!

But the notoriety of this title does not stop with this simple clip, of course. After Nicki Minaj revealed the backstage of the clip, we discovered an alternative version of “Trollz”.


And that’s not the only alternative, of course! The feat artist with 6ix9ine also wrote 10 more verses for this sound, which already seems to be a flagship title of the summer!

This feat. with 6ix9ine is in any case participating in the return of the pop of rap in the game! Earlier, we discovered that the talented rapper had invited herself on the flagship title of Doja Cat: “Say So”.

The hype is in any case not about to stop for the two artists with a very explosive, greedy and colorful clip. Discover the famous alternative of this now legendary feat below.


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