6ix9ine accused of sexual assault: his prison sentence could be longer!


6ix9ine is currently serving her sentence, but her ex Sara Molina could add years behind bars with her statements!

6ix9ine was sentenced to 2 years in prison, a small sentence which he was able to obtain thanks to his cooperation with the police. But it might be that the rainbow rapper stays more for “sexual assault”! We explain to you.

Indeed, he could have hoped to get out a bit earlier than expected, but the trend has reversed and he could stay longer. See a few more years! For good reason, his ex Sara Molina who accuses him of rape and violence when they were together. Thus the young woman would have contacted lawyers to plead her case. So as much to tell you that this supposed sexual assault will increase his sentence without any doubts.

If 6ix9ine thought he was going to regain his freedom so quickly, it’s lost! Already he has a bad reputation outside because he is accused of being “a balance”. As much as he remains behind bars because his career is certainly ruined! He is therefore sentenced to 2 years in prison, but could leave earlier. In particular because he has already served 13 months but also for having collaborated with the justice system.


So according to MTO News, her ex Sara Molina, the mother of one of her children, had contacted lawyers. Who belong to “the sex crimes unit.” “. The young woman reportedly said that 6ix9ine assaulted and raped her. It is not the first time that Sara Molina has accused her of these crimes. Because the last time dates back to February 2019. It would be better for the rapper that all this is false.

So he could spend another 15 years in prison! So instead of coming out in November 2020 as planned. He may not see the light for many years following these new charges. He would therefore be free around 2034! Suffice to say that he can already forget his career if this is the case. Case to follow for 6ix9ine!


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