6ix9ine: 50 Cent prefers the rapper to his own son


In a live Instagram, the rapper 50 cent admits preferring 6ix9ine, just out of prison, to his own child, Marquise Jackson.

The 50 cent rapper tells his fans that he would rather have 6ix9ine, Tekashi, as a son than his biological child Marquise Jackson.

You don’t always choose your family! And you have to believe that 50 cents deeply regret it ! Indeed, the rapper does not want to hear about his first son at all.

It’s Marquise Jackson , 22. He too has been involved in the rap game for a few years! But his father does not appreciate his career at all !

Worse, Fifty admits that he would be ” completely indifferent if his son were to be run over by a bus”. Besides, the father of the family would have preferred to have another child.

Like Tekashi 6ix9ine ! Yes, 50 cents love this New York rapper ! He considers him to be his son. In any case, much more than his biological child.

Yes, 50 cents has a lot of admiration for 6ix9ine ! Except for some time … Indeed, the latter had to go through the prison box in recent months.

Indeed, 6ix9ine had a good time behind bars! To get by, “the king of New York” has no choice. He must swing the names of the other members of his gang!

Besides, when 50 cent learned of his imprisonment, Marquise Jackson’s father preferred to move away from him. And yet, he continues to talk about him on social networks!

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Thus, the latter attaches more importance to 6ix9ine than to his child. And you have to believe that he is not at all ashamed to say it! In short, Fifty admitted it during a Live on Instagram.

In any case, the rapper no longer considers the “king of New York” as his son. “No, I haven’t heard of 69. He is his mother’s child now. He talked to everyone, ” he says.


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