BTS and Your Eyes Tell succeed again on iTunes


Your Eyes Tell had a great reception throughout the world and BTS was rewarded. BTS prepares for the premiere of Dynamite, the next song that will usher in a new era for the group. But we can’t forget that recently, the idol group surprised with a Japanese music release, which continues to show positive results for BTS.

The premiere of Stay Gold was followed by Your Eyes Tell, a melody created by Jungkook that will also be part of an emotional Japanese film. The success of both songs was surprising, showing that despite being a Japanese release, they managed to catch the attention of their fans worldwide.

But You Eyes Tell surprised again by becoming the fastest song to reach 105 number 1 on iTunes, since it only took 21 days to get it. YAY!

This happened after Your Eyes Tell was placed at the top of the chart in Granada, thus achieving its first place on 105 different occasions.

This is without a doubt a great achievement for BTS and their fans. The idol group will be back with more music in no time, keep an eye on the countdown and don’t miss any details of their comeback.

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