60 million USDT was issued, 35 million went out


With the price of Bitcoin falling, USD $ 60 million was issued. Immediately after that, 35 million USDT was released from Tether and 13 million USDT was invested in Binance and Huobi.

Bitcoin’s price is trading at low levels that have not been seen since January, while the large amount of USDTs issued are noteworthy.

According to Whale Alert, who has watched major movements in blockchains, TSI has been printed at around 15.30, with a value of 60 million dollars and 60 million USDT. About 10 minutes after this transaction, 35 million USDT left the Tether treasure and entered an unknown wallet.


13 million USDT invested in Binance and Huobi
Immediately after the USD 35 million outflow from Tether, $ 13 million was deposited into the wallet of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance. Another leading cryptocurrency exchange Huobi also received the same amount of USDT.

Bitcoin is trading at $ 7850 in the minutes when the news goes live. It is curious how the newly printed USDTs will affect the price.

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