$60 million Bitcoin hiding on fishing gear went to the trash


An Irish drug dealer had placed the bailout words of the wallet, where he kept his Bitcoins for a total value of $ 60 million, in a fishing tackle, but when he was caught by the police and put in jail, that fishing tackle was thrown away.

The drug dealer, who made a fortune of $ 60 million with Bitcoin, hid the recovery words of the wallet with Bitcoins in a fishing gear, but they are no longer accessible.

The Irish Bureau of Crime Assets (CAB) seized 12 online accounts containing 6000 BTC associated with the caught criminal. According to The Irish Times, the accounts cannot be logged in because the passwords cannot be accessed and therefore cannot access these Bitcoins.

Irish police hope to be able to access these Bitcoins one day with advances in technology.

The owner of 6000 BTC was Clifton Collins, 49, from the town of Crumlin in Dublin. Collins bought most of the Bitcoins with money from hemp breeding in late 2011 and early 2012. According to The Irish Times, Collins spent some of his money on buying a two-person Gyroscopist and learning how to use it.

Afraid of bitcoins being stolen, hid in fishing gear
By 2017, Bitcoin was significantly appreciated and Collins was afraid a hacker would have access to his account. All Bitcoins were in one account. Then he decided to move his fortune into 12 new accounts and transferred 500 BTC to each of them, which is about $ 5 million today.

Collins later printed the passwords of these 12 accounts on an A4 sheet of paper and hid the paper in a fishing tackle in his home, which he rented at the County Galway.

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Whatever happened was that year. The man, who was caught with cannabis at the Wicklow County in 2017, was sentenced to 5 years in prison, and the landlord evacuated Collins’s house and threw away most of his belongings.

The scavengers told the Irish police that they saw a fishing gear in the dump, but the waste in the dump was sent to Germany and China for disposal, and the fishing gear was never found.

The police were therefore unable to access the base money, while it was able to obtain $ 1.6 million worth of Bitcoins in Collins’ other accounts, and also seized $ 110 million in cash.

A similar incident took place in the neighboring country
Quite similar to this incident happened to an IT specialist named James Howells, who lives in Wales, Ireland’s neighboring country. Howells, who has been mining since 2009, had 7500 BTC, but lost it all by accidentally throwing away his hard drive.

Realizing his error weeks later, Howells went to the garbage collection site in Wales, where the garbage was emptied, calling the authorities quickly.

When it was understood that trying to find the hard disk in a dump that spread over a wide area, it would not be different from digging a well with a needle and it would damage the environment.

Howells said, “To be honest, it is very annoying.” he said. The BTCs lost by Howells are about $ 75 million today.


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