6 ways to make money on TikTok! Details


In their eagerness to become more popular and attract more and more investors, social media apps have been trying to attract new users through monetization. With that, while having fun, as a user of the platform, when interacting with friends, family and new contacts, you can also take the opportunity to explore your image and earn money.

An example of this is the case of TikTok, which was born with the philosophy of offering monetization opportunities to new users. In this way, the platform allows digital influencers and ordinary people to have new ways to make money, while the application itself expands and conquers new markets.

If you are unemployed, have a business of your own or have time to spare and have a little creativity, TikTok can be an excellent option to generate extra income.

Six ways to make money at TikTok

Here are six ways you can make money while having fun at TikTok.

1. Sale of products

If you have a brand or an online store of any type of product, TikTok is another social network in which you can promote your work and attract new customers.

It may seem unnecessary to be on several social networks at the same time, but the fact is that not all Internet users are active on all platforms where they are registered. That is why it is important to be connected to the maximum number of networks possible.

2. Make videos live

You can earn some money by making trendy event lives or showing off your lifestyle. To perform a live, it is necessary to have at least a thousand followers. Viewers can donate rubies to you, the currency used on the platform. After ending the transmission, 50% of the collection can be converted into dollars.

Donations allow donors to be highlighted during the live, which works as a way of promoting their own profiles.

3. Affiliates (partners)

The affiliate system works through links that can be included in the profile biography. They can redirect users to partner pages. For each sale made, the tiktoker earns a percentage based on what has been pre-established with the company.

4. Sponsorships

If you are already a relatively famous content creator on other platforms, joining TikTok can earn you extra money from sponsorship.

It works like this: the platform contacts the influencer and asks him to create a video for a specific brand. These types of videos carry a caption that says “contains paid promotion”.

5. Affiliates (friends)

There is also the possibility to earn money through an affiliate system, in which you provide a link linked to your profile for registration on the platform. You can invite your friends and contacts through various social networks and also send the link via direct message.

The “Invitation Code” is generated from your profile. When someone signs up using your link, you earn R $ 2, while the new user receives R $ 0.50. There are bonuses if the new contact uses the app for several days in a row and for a certain period. However, the invitation code is only valid for 10 days after it has been sent.

6. Daily missions

Another way to earn money on TikTok is by completing the daily missions that the social network offers. Keeping the user engaged with the platform is an excellent monetization opportunity for the company. For this reason, it offers ways to keep its users online by providing bonuses that can be converted into cash.

The missions include sharing the TikbONUS campaign page on other social networks (1,500 rubies), watching videos within the platform (from 2,000 to 10,000 rubies) and creating videos to participate in challenges (3,000 rubies). Currently, 10,000 rubies are equivalent to R $ 1.00.

Remember that the amount of rubies offered for each mission can change. Therefore, you need to be aware of the rules of the TikTok bonus program.


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