6 unforgettable features of the once-legendary iPhone 5s

There is no one who does not remember the iPhone 5s model that has marked the time. The iPhone 5s, which met both its design and the flagship features of its time, brought serious success to the Apple company in sales figures. We have included 6 unforgettable features of the iPhone 5s, the legend of the times when everyone smiled when they heard their name.

Apple launched the iPhone 12 family last November. One of the striking new features that came with the iPhone 12 series was Apple’s return to a design with sharp and angular lines. This design, which received positive feedback from users, was used in the latest iPhone 5s model as it is known.

Apple’s return to the design with sharp and angular lines has brought to the minds of many users the iPhone 5s, which was very popular in the past. The iPhone 5s, with its features that remain in mind of its users, is the ancestor of even the current iPhone models we use today with its innovative features. In this article, we take a look at 6 unforgettable features of the once-legendary iPhone 5s.

The features of the iPhone 5s, which Apple launched in 2013, were as follows:

Screen Size: 4.0 Inch

64-bit Apple A7 chipset

CPU Frequency: 1.3 GHz


Rear Camera: 8 MP

Front Camera: 1.2 MP

Touch ID

Fast charging

4.5G Support

Battery Capacity: 1560 mAh

Design: This is where the origins of the iPhone 12 come from

As can be seen from Apple’s return to the case design used in the latest iPhone 5s model with the iPhone 12 series, this design looks very stylish even in 2021. The most striking difference between the iPhone 5s, which has some design differences compared to the iPhone 5, from its predecessor, is undoubtedly the home button. Since the first iPhone model, the square symbol in the home button has been removed with the iPhone 5s and made it more stylish.


It was one of the biggest screen smartphones of the period; The 4-inch IPS retina panel revolutionized color:

4 inch IPS retina display

326 PPI pixel density

640×1136 pixel screen resolution

Gorilla Glass technology

60 Hz screen refresh rate

With a screen size of 4 inches, the smartphone was at the head of the biggest smartphones of its time. On the screen side, the iPhone 5s, which is well ahead of its competitors, gave us a very premium display experience with its 640×1136 pixel screen resolution, 326 PPI pixel density and IPS retina display panel. At the same time, the iPhone 5s, protected by Gorilla Glass, had a high level of resistance to impacts that could come to the screen.


Apple A7, the most powerful chipset of its era:

64 Bit Apple A7 chipset

1.3 GHz CPU frequency

PowerVR G6430 graphics processor (GPU)


The iPhone 5s differs from its predecessor here, although the design is quite similar to the iPhone 5 in screen and many aspects. The smartphone, powered by the Apple A7 chipset, was one of the most powerful processors of its time. The A7 chipset, which offers top performance in 64-bit supported applications and mobile games with high graphic details, was one of the most talented processors of its time.

Thanks to the Apple A7 chipset, the smartphone could calculate your steps while standing in your pocket and automatically switch to sleep mode when standing on a stable surface. At the same time, the processor, working with the concept of maximum performance and minimum energy, allowed us to use the iPhone 5s smartphone for many years without slowing down.


He brought slow motion mode to the world of smartphones, and was good at photography:

8MP F / 2.2 aperture

Dual LED flash

120 FPS slow motion mode

iSight hardware

Everyone has at least once asked the question why Apple did not increase the camera resolution of its smartphones. Even the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is considered to be the rival of the smartphone, came with a 13MP camera, while the iPhone 5s came with an 8MP camera, which was criticized by many. However, as it is known, Apple provides very serious software support to its smartphones, making it one step ahead of its competitors.

Likewise, the iSight hardware with f / 2.2 aperture on the iPhone 5s allowed taking high quality pictures. Thanks to the increased aperture range, micron count and LED number compared to the iPhone 5 model, the photos obtained get a clear and flawless image. All these elements make it easier to get sharper exposures even in low light environments. In addition, the slow motion mode, which can shoot 120 frames per second, provided a great camera experience.

Biometric technologies also entered our pocket with iPhone 5s: Touch ID sensor that recognizes fingerprint is among the sought after features even today.

The first smartphone that comes to mind when it comes to Touch ID, ie fingerprint reader, is undoubtedly the iPhone 5s. Touch ID, an incredible innovation for its time, offered iPhone 5s users an extra security option by providing a serious opportunity.

This must be the most important feature that distinguishes the iPhone 5s from the iPhone 5, in which Touch ID technology, which is used in almost all smartphones today, was first used. In fact, it is among the information that Apple, which stopped using Touch ID with the iPhone X, will start using the fingerprint reader embedded in the screen again with the iPhone 13 series.


The 1560 mAh battery was quite enough

1560 mAh battery

Up to 10 hours talk time (3G)

Up to 10 hours of 4G Internet

On the battery side, the iPhone 5s had a battery capacity of 1560 mAh. Thanks to this battery capacity, we could make phone calls up to 10 hours and 4G internet connection for up to 10 hours. These figures were quite sufficient for the conditions of the period and were one step ahead of their competitors.

On the battery side, it was quite sufficient does not mean it had the best battery of its time. In 2013, there were smartphones with much higher battery capacities than iPhone 5s on the market. The 2600 mAh battery used in the Samsung Galaxy S4, considered the biggest competitor of the iPhone 5s, offered a much longer battery life than the iPhone 5s model.

As mentioned above, the iPhone 5s is one of the smartphones that have marked a period. It continues to be an example for the smartphone market even today, with its design and new features such as Touch ID that direct the smartphone market. At the same time, if Apple’s founder Steve Jobs had seen the iPhone 5s, which we didn’t have to sell our kidneys to buy, he would no doubt be proud of this smartphone.



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