6 Tom Holland movies you should know


Tom Holland has stood out in the cinema thanks to his performances as Spider-Man. The British actor has become the favorite youth star of the moment, with various projects, including a movie based on video games, the actor has conquered his fans with his performances, personality and great appeal.

Tom is characterized by being someone funny and witty, his movies with Marvel boosted his career, which began at a very young age, the drama “The Impossible” is one of his most dramatic works. If you want to know more about the actor’s career, we leave you a list with 6 of his best films.

The impossible

A drama movie about a family’s trip to an Asian beach. The Christmas holidays will turn into a nightmare when a tsunami destroys the island, Tom plays one of the children of the marriage, who are struggling to reunite and come out alive from the disaster.

My life now

It tells the story of a girl with anorexia who is sent to a farm in England with her cousins, whom she has never seen, Tom holland plays “Isaac”, one of his relatives.

The story unfolds in the midst of the outbreak of the third world war, where a group of young people faces a reality without adults and disaster.

In the heart of the sea

Inspired by real events, which inspired the creation of the novel Moby Dick, tells the story of a crew, including Tom Holland, who have an accident, their boat is rammed by a huge jackalot, which causes everyone on board to have than survive for 90 days in lifeboats.

A brilliant war

It is a period movie that portrays the battle between Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse, an engineer and inventor.

The movie revolves around a fight to see what type of energy is the best in the United States, Holland plays Samuel Insull, Edison’s secretary and who founded the first electricity companies.


It tells the story of a group of monks who embark on a journey to bring a valuable relic to Rome at the Vatican. Tom and his companions must leave the island of Ireland where they live without problems, on the way they will have to face various adversities to survive and prevent the theft of treasure.

Edge of winter

It is a drama that portrays the lives of 2 brothers and their father, whom they barely know, he will take Tom and his other son on an exploration through the forest, but they will be forced to take refuge in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, where Elliot will start to show strange behavior to support his children

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