He lost the bitcoin he deposited in the stock market

An investor in Spain deposited 1.3 Bitcoins on the Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange and lost the BTC in his account within 48 hours.

Spanish police are tracking the lost Bitcoins of the Tenerifeli investor, thought to be the victim of a cyber attack. BTCs, which cost about 61 thousand dollars, were stolen within two days. According to the La Provincia report, the investor contacted Bittrex and the exchange responded that “it was probably hacked”. An expert who has done research on the subject points out that the Spanish judicial authority could treat this as a potential crime.

In the Spanish penal code, “… the person or persons who misrepresent or harm the consumer are sentenced to imprisonment from 6 months to 1 year or a fine of 12-24 months.” According to the expert, the statement in the form may cause problems for the Bittrex stock exchange.

How was bitcoin stolen?

The investor opened a Bittrex account on May 15, 2020 and deposited 1.3 BTC on May 22. Two days later he saw that there was nothing in his account. According to research on the subject, the theft occurred within 7 minutes. The hacker reported that he forgot the password for the account through a different operating system. He then removed the security code from the Bittrex account. Thus, he had the opportunity to access the account and withdraw all the money. According to the statements, he was trying to get into the Tenerifeli investor account within the same period.

The hacker used 4 different locations, IP addresses and operating systems before logging into the account. Bittrex did not warn the owner of this unusual activity. It was announced that the account holder could blame the exchange for this reason.



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