6 Times Valued in One Month: What is the XinFin Network?

The XinFin Network (XDC) rose 479 percent on a monthly basis and saw ATH hitting $ 0.036 on March 1. So what are XinFin Network and XDC tokens?

XinFin Network (XDC) price gained 29 percent on the weekly chart and 15 percent on the daily chart. The annual rate of increase of XDC was 2 thousand 908 percent.

With a market value of $ 430 million, XDC saw a daily trading volume of $ 11 million.

What are XinFin Network and XDC tokens?

XinFin is a hybrid and decentralized blockchain network that emerged for global trade and financial transactions. Prepared for corporate use, this network combines open and private blockchain networks with smart contracts. More than 2 thousand transactions can be performed per second in the XinFin protocol. The transaction confirmation time is 2 seconds and the average transaction fee is $ 0.0001.

XinFin; Uses the XDPos consensus mechanism for commercial use as well as scalability and security issues. With XDPos, it is also aimed for the community to reach consensus and make fair decisions. Network having ISO20022 standard; It can work in harmony with systems such as SWIFT, TWIST and various banking systems. The XinFin network was featured in a blockchain report prepared with the contributions of the World Trade Organization and the International Chamber of Commerce. Among XinFin partners; There are institutions and companies such as Circle, R3, AiX, Copper, IndSoft, Singapore National Technological University.

The XDC token is the underlying asset used in the network. The stacked XDC provides the power required for decentralized applications built on the network. In addition, XDC tokens are used on platforms such as TradeFinex, MyContract, iFactor, TurantPay. The circulating supply of XDC, which has a supply of 37 billion, is 12 billion. Among the stock exchanges listing XDC; Bitrue, Indodax, Bitfinex, STEX, WBF Exchange, Hotbit, Mercatox, BuyUcoin.



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