6 terrifying decorations to bring Halloween into your room


Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year, discover some easy and simple crafts that you can incorporate into your room to welcome this terrifying celebration.

The Halloween party is one of the most anticipated by people who are fans of horror, suspense stories, mystery movies and of course, sweets. This is a season that combines fun and darkness.

Next Saturday October 31 is Halloween and although this year has been difficult for everyone, there is nothing that prevents you from decorating your room with a cool style and we know that you can have fun in the process.

Your room is one of the places where you spend the most time, so it is a good idea to adapt it to the celebrations of the year. Celebrate Halloween by decorating your room with a spooky and special touch.

This time we will show you 6 magnificent ideas for you to enjoy a Halloween party at home. Check out these crafts that will give your own room a twist.



The colors of this season are black, white and orange, you can use the curtains of these shades to give your room more darkness, to make a special contrast use lights in specific places, so you will create a different and special atmosphere for Halloween. On your bed you can place ghost stuffed animals or cushions decorated with pumpkins.


On Halloween mischievous ghosts abound, if you want to make a curtain of spirits to decorate your room you only need Styrofoam balls, white fabric and a ribbon or yarn.

Make fabric squares of 10 x 10 centimeters, place the Styrofoam ball in the center and join the fabric with a ribbon bow, make the ghosts you want, you can place a series of lights on them to make them look more beautiful.

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Flowers for Halloween? Yes, that’s right, but not just any, you can leave some flowers nearby such as roses, magnolias or daisies and when it is still life you can place it as a decoration that is simple and that is not expensive. The flowers will give a special touch to spaces such as your nightstand or your desk. What do you think? It’s different and cool.

Mysterious door

If you like horror characters you can take your bedroom door as inspiration, ready?

What you need is to choose a character that you like, it can even be a pumpkin or a skeleton. Line your door with the color of your favorite cartoon, if you are going to make Pennywise use white paper and put the details with materials that you have at home, in the hair you can use paper or stuffed animal. So your room will look great and terrifying.

Spider webs

An ornament that cannot be missing at Halloween time are cobwebs, they are easy to make or if you prefer you can buy a white cotton or wool bag of that color, because it is not a heavy material, it is easy to place, you can complete the gloomy atmosphere with some candles.


If you are a person who also wants to celebrate the Day of the Dead with decorations inspired by confetti, you can make skulls, pumpkins and even paper ghosts, it’s easy, just follow the steps in this tutorial.


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