6 Stray Kids songs to get to know your work better …


Listen to the best songs of the Stray Kids idols, you will not regret it. Stray Kids is one of the most famous male K-pop bands in the world, the boys from JYP Entertainment are known for their style and their elaborate choreography, they have been named as one of the most successful bands since their debut.

Each of their performances on the Stray Kids stages stand out for their dynamics, as the personalities of the rappers and singers complement each other perfectly.

Do you want to know more about Bang Chan, Hyunji, Lee Know, Chang Bin, Han, Seungmin, IN and Felix? Well, don’t miss the best tracks from his discography that will impact you and you will fall in love with his talents.

This time we bring you 6 songs from Stray Kids that are ideal to better understand their unique musical style and great repertoire. Tell us! What is your favorite song from the K-pop band Stray Kids?


‘MIROH’ is a powerful song that perishes to the record material of ‘Clé 1: MIROH’, the track’s message is to show your strength no matter the circumstances, the song’s MV has so far 84 million views.

Get cool

This Stray Kids MV is very fun and youthful, the boys from the JYP band appear dancing in colorful locations, the official clip has more than 38 million views.

If There’s A Shadow There Must Be A Light

‘If There’s A Shadow There Must Be A Light’ is a song by the group ‘3RACHA’, made up of 3 Stray Kids idols: Bangchan, Han and Changbin, the melody has a more relaxed and calm style.


‘Glow’ shows a different musical style from the ones that Stray Kids presents as promotional songs, the track belongs to the record material ta Mixtape ’.

Side effects

The song ‘Side Effects’ belongs to the special album ‘Clé 2: Yellow Wood’, the MV was released on June 19, 2019, the melody is characterized by its interesting rhythm changes and conceptual choreography.

God´s Menu

‘God´s Menu’ is a track from the album ‘GO’, the record work of Stray Kids was published on June 17, 2020 and had great success and impact on the charts.

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