6 Stormi Webster luxuries that made us envious


Stormi’s life led us to envy her on more than one occasion. At just two years old, Stormi has garnered the attention of all those who follow the Kardashian family’s history, but has also made us want to have a life like hers in some respects.

Thanks to the popularity of her parents, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, Stormi has had access to ample possibilities and comforts in her day-to-day life, also enjoying some luxuries that to others would seem impossible.

With a relaxed life, surrounded by her family and with her parents’ budget, Stormi has shown us that even as a little girl she is enjoying every moment of her life to the fullest.

Keep reading and remember some of the moments when Stormi Webster envied us.


The gift that Kris Jenner gave Christmas to little Stormi shocked us, since despite being a dollhouse, this site has a large size. It has a balcony and even air conditioning, so many of us wouldn’t mind having our own Stormi-style space.



Kylie Jenner is a lover of luxury handbags, so her daughter has also purchased a large number of pieces in slightly smaller versions, but all of them were created by renowned designers and perfectly complement her outfits.

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Without a doubt, something that we most envy of Stormi are all the places that it has managed to know and under the best conditions. This little girl travels everywhere with at least one of her parents, traveling on private yachts and jets, visiting the beach, snowboarding and always staying in luxury hotels. WHAT ENVY!

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Stormi’s 2nd birthday was a festival full of attractions, but this is not the only holiday that the family celebrated in a big way to make the little one happy, just remember the Halloween party they organized for Stormi’s closest friends but it had incredible decorations throughout his house.


Kylie premiered a Stormi-inspired makeup line, where the little girl even collaborated on the choice of colors included. The cosmetics line provided a fantasy setting where Kylie and Stormi were protagonists, becoming a phenomenon due to their popularity.


Kylie Jenner has expressed her desire to inherit in a few years her company Kylie Cosmetics, which is valued at millions of dollars. If Stormi follows in her mother’s footsteps, she could make this company even more successful, and she can continue to enjoy great luxuries.


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