6 ridiculous currents one more viral on TikTok this year


Social media platform TikTok, which has millions of active members around the world in a short time, has a very different environment from other channels. We have compiled the currents seen on TikTok throughout 2020 that we could not understand.

Tiktok, whose usage rates are increasing gradually, has almost divided social media users into two. While some talk about the unnecessity of this medium, others just look at the fun of the work.

Despite reports of data breach allegations and a possible United States ban, TikTok videos now have trillions of views per month. The biggest reason for this is that you cannot easily see videos similar to the streams that are viral on TikTok on other social media platforms.

Don’t pour water on innocent babies’ heads:

The mother starts dancing with a bottle or a glass in her hand. According to the rhythm of the song, water is poured on the head of the innocent baby next to him and we watch the reactions of the baby who laughs and sometimes cry.

Of course, like many streams that went viral on the TikTok platform, this trend has been the target of criticism. Especially the videos with crying babies bothered many users. Nevertheless, many mothers TikToker appeared on the platform with videos that fit this trend and reached incredible views.

I cleaning current at home:

People became interested in alternative cleaning, beauty and food methods in their homes, especially during the voluntary quarantine process we entered due to the pandemic. But there is one trend that went viral in TikTok, which both gave up and received a lot of criticism from experts on the subject.

According to this trend, you could destroy a mole in your body with apple cider vinegar or an unapproved cleansing gel. Many videos of the trend have been shot, but experts are firmly warning about the issue; don’t do it.

Mole is not something you can eliminate with your own means like acne. Do not try to destroy any of me in your body by your own means without seeing a specialist. It would be good for everyone if this trend, which is open to dangers that can lead to skin cancer, is not long-lasting.

Tooth shaving with nail file:

During the voluntary quarantine process we entered due to the pandemic, people extracted some juice from the beauty alternatives they discovered at home. An appearance about anterior teeth is always in fashion. A few years ago there was rabbit tooth fashion, now straight teeth are in fashion on TikTok that even go viral.

First of all, do not play with the natural integrity of your body for the sake of fashion. Secondly, even if you are going to do such a thing, do not attempt such a job at home with your primitive means. Many TikToker have posted videos where they get a new look by shaving their front teeth with the familiar nail file.

Of course, the experts of the business immediately made statements on this subject and said that such a shaving process would destroy the dental nerves and tooth enamel in a very bad way. We hope this trend will come and go, which can cause irreversible damage.

Removing maggot from strawberries soaked in salt water:

This trend went viral not only on TikTok, but also on many different social media platforms for a long time. The trend even created a new trend and turned into parody videos of strange objects emerging from strawberries dipped in salt water, and this parody trend went viral.

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In the video, which is the starting point of the trend, a teenager drops some strawberries from the market into a salt water mixture that he prepares at home. A short while passes and creatures such as maggots, insects and worms emerge from the strawberries. Of course the current is quickly going viral.

Later similar experiments were done by many TikToker and other social media phenomena, but no similar creatures emerged. While everyone was going to rebel against what we are eating, it became funny with the current of parody before the seriousness of the issue was fully understood.

Checking for iron deficiency by applying a ring on the forehead:

Many TikTokers do not stop creating trends that give such different information about the medical field in which they are not experts. In this trend, a woman rubs a ring on her forehead and black spots appear on her forehead. When he wears the same ring on his boyfriend, no trace appears.

TikToker says this is because of his anemia. Anemia is a blood disorder and the biggest cause is iron deficiency. So, will ring rubbing cause any signs of anemia? According to experts, absolutely not. The reason why women leave scars and not men are mentioned about the substances left by the chemical make-up materials used by women.

Anemia is a condition that can have very serious consequences. It can occur due to a deficiency of vitamins such as B12, especially iron deficiency. Even though the ring movement is fun, you; Do not suspect that you have anemia unless you feel a complaint such as fatigue, fast cold limbs, dizziness, shortness of breath. If you are in doubt, consult a health institution.

Biting the apple juice bottle:

An apple juice brand named Martinelli, which we do not know if we are happy or sad that it is not in our country, has caused this trend. Apple juice has a pretty cute average apple-sized bottle. But for many TikTokers, the main joy is not apple juice.

For some reason, a TikToker bites this bottle, or rather pretends to bite, and discovers that the sound is the same as when biting an apple. Other users watching this video cannot believe their ears and are using the same procedure over and over again.

As a result, millions of videos of this stream are shot and the stream quickly goes viral. The biggest contribution of the trend is thought to be to the firm Martinelli. Maybe the company could not do such an advertisement if it had spent millions of dollars. Maybe he spent it? Who knows?

We have listed the 8 most remarkable trends that went viral on the TikTok social media platform, which has millions of active users around the world in a short time for you. While some of the streams have been the target of criticism, some are quite entertaining. You can share your thoughts about the streams in the list in the comments.


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