6 Reasons Why You Should Picnic as A Family

Two happy young children, a little boy and his baby brother are sitting outside in the grass at an apple orchard in the autumn, eating and playing with apples in a wicker basket

Covid has made picnics more common, since being outdoors and only around a few people is a great way to protect ourselves (to some extent) against the virus. However, although it’s’ a common practice between friends, it’s less common to see families picnic outside. How can families benefit from getting together and enjoying a picnic in a park or in the countryside?

 -Family bonding

Picnics combine a number of activities into one: as a family you get to enjoy the outdoors together, relax, spend time talking and sharing stories and eat a great meal. Picnics are also less formal than larger family reunions and can be a great way to make everyone feel at ease and happy. Who doesn’t like to bond while enjoying some tasty food in the sun?

-Way to be in contact with nature and away from screens.

We spend way too much time staring at a screen. Especially kids often spend more time indoors on their phones than is healthy. But they are not the only ones. Sharing a picnic in a park or wider outdoor space allows children to play and run around while adults enjoy the food together and each other’s company. If you pick a place that has a wide-open field or lawn, it will make it easier to supervise children.

– The food.

Picnic recipes can be very simple and usually don’t require a lot of preparation. Fruit salads, sandwiches, olives, cheese, tomatoes, pasta salads, crisps – the choices are endless. Maybe throw some chocolate bars for the kids in there as a special treat for the occasion.

-Increased physical activity.

Being outdoors will help you and your children stay more active, and picnics are great opportunities to engage in outdoor games such as football or tig. You can also stop for a picnic while on a hike. This way you can be active and still relax outdoors.

-Better mental health.

Stress tends to build up in your daily life – so much that you may not even notice how badly you need a break. Organise a picnic, get some fresh air, enjoy some games as a family, talk, laugh and enjoy life.

– Save money.

One of the more obvious reasons for why picnics can be a great way to get the family together are that they are so much cheaper than more traditional family get-togethers. Family members won’t expect elaborate meals, fancy dishes or much entertainment other than maybe a ball game. Simply hop in the car and enjoy spending some time together in nature.


There are some beautiful gardens, lakes and parks in the UK that are perfect for a picnic. If the weather will allow it, there are also some ideal spots to enjoy a lovely picnic on the beach.


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