6 reasons why you can’t see a contact’s information


We explain why the information of any contact does not come out in the messaging application, WhatsApp.

Almost everyone you know is on WhatsApp, the instant messaging application is one of the first applications that any smartphone user downloads and that is the reason why the application has a user base of over one billion people.

Anyone familiar with the app knows the idea behind the profile picture, the last time before, the status or the read receipts.

These are essentially part of the profile information of any WhatsApp user, but thanks to the privacy settings of the application, users can hide one or more of the information mentioned above.

If you can’t see the last profile photo of a contact, or their status or even their read receipt, you can directly conclude that that person has blocked them.

While that could be one of the reasons why you can’t see someone’s profile information on WhatsApp, there are other reasons as well why this could be happening.

Why doesn’t the information appear?
Your contact has changed their privacy settings to “Nobody”

If the other contact has set their “last time” to “No one,” then you won’t be able to see the timestamp, which indicates the time that contact last used WhatsApp, below their name.

When you last change the privacy setting to “Nobody”.

In case you have set the “last time” setting to “No one”, you will not be able to see anyone’s timestamp.

Your contact has changed their privacy settings to “My contacts”

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There are chances that even if you have saved one person to your address book, the other person has not. And if that person has selected “My contacts” as the last query
You still won’t be able to see the last time it was active.

Your contact hasn’t set a profile picture

While almost everyone likes to set a profile picture on WhatsApp, there is an option for people to use the app without setting one and that person may not have set it.

There may be a connection problem

If you are in an area where the internet connection is poor, the app may not be able to retrieve information, including the last time it was active, profile photo, status, or read receipts.

You are blocked by this contact

There is no sure way to find out if you’ve been blocked by a WhatsApp contact (other than for the contact to tell you this, of course).


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