6 Photos Of Red Velvet’s Seulgi You Can Easily Recreate


Red Velvet’s Seulgi has the best ideas for you to recreate her best photos, mimic her style, and update your selfies.

The K-pop group member has a style and aura that make her unique. Her pale complexion and catlike look highlight her beauty, making each outfit look incredible. The quintessential dancer began her dream as an idol in 2007 after auditioning at the SM agency, since then she has become a K-pop favorite.

Seulgi’s style has evolved over the years, from her outfits to her hair style. Generally, the Red Velvet idol usually wears jeans, T-shirts and tennis shoes, her style is very youthful, although she also shows her sexy side with skirts and eyeliner. One of her strongest attractions is her abs.

Throughout her career, Seulgi has had various hair tones ranging from orange, red, blonde and the most prominent black, which highlights her skin tone and her eyes, especially when she wears her straight bangs. Among the accessories he does not like to wear are hats.

The dancer has the dream of becoming a role model for girls, she is not afraid to speak her mind and tries to be fair to everything and everyone. In her social networks she usually shares several photos to model different outfits, if you want to be inspired by her fashion, we leave you a list with 6 photos of Seulgi that you can recreate at home.

If you want to know more about the talented dancer of Red Velvet, we leave you a list with 12 curiosities of Seulgi.


Autumn Winter

This is the perfect time to take photos with an atesthetic style, you can take advantage of the color of the leaves and the sunsets to get a selfie with warm tones. If you can go for a walk, take your photo in a park or garden. Your outfit should consist of a coat, beret and a plaid shirt.


Don’t make it so complicated, you just need good lighting and a large bouquet of flowers. If you have an artificial ornament, you can take a bouquet and pose with this accessory framing your face to give your selfie a feminine touch. Your outfit can be a green, yellow or white garment. Try to capture the selfie in good lighting.


Seulgi showed her most attractive and sexy side with “Monster”, her first work as a duo with Irene. If you want to recreate this style, you only need a large hat, green or purple colors, your hair straightener and some shadows to highlight your eyes.

Try to take advantage of the curtains in your living room, put on an elegant outfit and take the photo with flahs to give your photo a professional touch.


Online classes continue, so you can take advantage of your free time to make study time more fun. You just need a daily outfit, a bookcase, your desk and that’s it. Update your profile picture with a school inspired selfie.

Black & White

If you are looking for something more elegant and aesthetic, recreate a black and white image, if you have white outfits much better. Take advantage of the natural sunlight and pose in front of a window. You don’t need much lighting, you can do it during the morning or at sunset, sitting on your bed or on a chair, even standing up imitating a ballet pose.


If yours is something more original, then Seulgi has the perfect idea for you. You don’t need much, just good lighting and a wall with a fun design. You can use the corners and walls of your house, even decorate with a poster or edit the background with minimalist designs. You can opt for a simple outfit, a bun hairstyle and eyeliner.


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