6 OST of romantic dramas to dedicate to your crush


The perfect way to express your feelings is music, a drama soundtrack could explain what your heart cannot.

Korean dramas went around the world due to their varied love stories and genres, ranging from historical, horror, mystery, and fiction. South Korean productions began to enjoy international fame for years.

One of the most important elements in the series is the music, which is responsible for setting the scenes of suspense, intrigue and romance. Viewers will enter a plot if the story conveyed something to them.

Drama OSTs are famous for their lyrics, the performers are famous figures such as idols and solo singers, many actors lent their voices to complete the soundtracks of their projects.

This time we bring you a list of OSTs of ideal dramas to dedicate to your crush or that person so special to you. Find out the Korean drama theme that expresses your feelings.


Baekhyun’s Beautiful

When you fall in love, everything seems to be more beautiful than before and you take importance to things that you did not notice before. Dedicate to your crush ‘Beautiful’ by Baekhyun, the song will forever inhabit your heart.

Your Moonlight by Chen

If you can’t find the most romantic words to express your affection, don’t worry. Chen came up with the OST for the drama ‘Do You Like Brahms?’ to make your feelings clearer.

My Romeo by Jessie

The OST of the drama ‘Cinderella And Four Knights’ featured beautiful melodies ideal for all occasions. Jessie’s ‘My Romeo’ is perfect to dedicate to your crush.

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My Everything by Lee Min Ho

Actor Lee Min Hoo gifted his fans with an epic love song, the track is part of the K-drama Boys Over Flowers OST. Would you dedicate it to your crush?

Lyn’s My Destiny

If you are a person with a more tender and sentimental temperament, your choice may be the OST of ‘You, Wo Came From The Stars’, it is a good message to tell that person that you have missed them.

Thumping by Kim Min Seung

If your crush is the first person you think of when you wake up, Kim Min Seung’s ‘Thumping’ is ideal to dedicate to, the OST of the drama ‘She Was Pretty’ explains how your heart feels.

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