6 Notes from BLACKPINK’s Jisoo to Show Your Talent


The ‘Lovesick Girls’ singer is a girl who has developed her vocal ability in different songs together with her group mates, you cannot miss the best high notes of BLACKPINK’s Kim Jisoo.

Jisoo is one of the best known idols in the world of K-pop, in the company of Lisa, Rosé and Jennie, she is part of one of the most successful girl bands in the music industry globally.

Jisoo’s voice is mezzo-soprano, which means that she has great agility to make different notes in various ranges, the singer BLACKPINK’s tonality allows her to show off her talent in different musical genres.

Other characteristics of Jisoo’s voice are that her vibratos can be fast, making scales, and she has a wide timbre that helps her place many vocal ornaments within her performances.

This time we bring you a list of Jisoo’s best high notes, the voice of the BLACKPINK member is unique, so the idol originally from the city of Sanbondong in Gunpo, South Korea, will surprise you with her skills.



Jisoo performed the cover of the song ‘Clarity’ at the ‘In Your Area Concert’ concert, the K-pop star demonstrated her vocal stability on stage, wowing those present with her high notes.

Lovesick Girls

Jisoo’s voice shone on BLACKPINK’s most recent comeback, the singer has incredible moments within the track that belongs to the record material ‘THE ALBUM’.


This is a ballad, where Jisoo put her talent to expression, within the melody the BLACKPINK idol had to raise her voice. Listen to Jisoo:

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A few years ago, Jisoo did a live with her fans and she began to perform some of her favorite songs like Taeyeon’s ‘Fine’, DEAN’s ‘Instagram’ and Lee Hi’s ‘Breathe’.


This is one of the K-pop quartet’s most successful songs and Jisoo sang several verses that raised her potential as a great performer.


BLACKPINK’s debut song could not be missing from this list, the melody is fresh, fun and powerful, Jisoo from the first moment made it clear that her talent was incredible.


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