6 Looks of Felix from Stray Kids that STAY fell in love with


Felix has changed his look repeatedly, we will tell you which are our favorites. In each comeback, K-Pop idols show a renewed look to conquer their fans, although there are many stars in this industry who maintain traits of their style as a constant, there are others who dare to experiment drastically with their image, one one of them is Felix.

The Stray Kids rapper, who is also part of the group’s Aussie line, shows his ability to adapt to the concepts chosen by the group, but he has also presented various looks that leave us breathless.

Stray Kids just released a new trailer to announce that they have worked on more music for their fans, but this video also showed us the new look of Felix.

After seeing him wearing such different looks, it is only clear to us how handsome this idol is, since regardless of the style he chooses he manages to look very handsome.

Although all of Felix’s looks have been very well received by the STAYs, this time we will tell you about some of these makeovers that have earned a place on our favorites list.

Tell us if your favorite style of this idol is below and which one you think also deserves a spot.


One look of Felix that we have not been able to overcome is the undercut style that he used previously. This idol has a surprising duality and although one moment he looks extremely cute the next he can surprise you with a threatening expression. The undercut style highlighted Felix’s intense gaze and gave his fans unforgettable images.

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The Stray Kids rapper also elegantly sported the color red in his hair. This shade contrasted with the light tone of his skin and showed us a different side of Felix, who generally uses more subtle hair tones.



Since his debut, Felix has used different shades of blonde to style his hair, but one that stole our hearts is platinum blonde, since this shade suits the Stray Kids rapper, do you think the same?



Felix has also dyed his hair with light purple tones that he wore while on stage, although it was a style that he used for a shorter time, it left an important mark on the hearts of the fans.



While cool tones flatter Felix’s image, this 19-year-old idol showed that warm tones also suit him very well. That is how Felix showed us a look with orange hair that took us by surprise and until today we have not overcome it.



Stray Kids will return with the song IN for the repackage of their most recent album and the trailer was revealed recently, although fans are very excited for this new release, what stole attention was the style of several of the members of the idol group and , one of them was Felix.

The idol originally from Australia reappeared with his dyed gray hair and a mullet that makes him look amazing. The makeup of this idol was not far behind, since a reddish tone framed his gaze and was accompanied by rhinestones in the lower part of his eyes.


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