6 K-pop Videos With Retro Concept You Should Know


K-pop has become very popular in recent years, but that does not stop groups from taking into account decades and musical booms of the past, drawing inspiration from other eras to create their MV’s for an original touch.


Many idols have released songs with styles and sounds that remind us of the 90s, not only because of the outfits they wear, but because of the beats and the setting of the music videos. Do you know some of them?

Although South Korea has a great technological advance and K-pop is characterized by being modern and implementing technology in each release, the groups take trips to the past to show that the old is the new of today.


We leave you a list with 6 K-pop MVs with a retro concept that were inspired by the 90s.

SHINee 1 of 1

The SM group took the retro vibes with this MV, as the costumes, the song’s beats, and the setting reminiscent of the 90s.

I feel you from Wonder Girls

The sounds, the setting and the rock guitars made Wonder Girls travel back in time and have a retro concept.

Platonic Love – Snuper

The K-pop group revived the 90s with this MV, where the led lights, the arcade, the skating rinks and the striking colors made their appearance, without a doubt, the techno-retro concept takes us on a trip to the past.

EXO SC 1 Billion Views

The video is a palette of flashy colors, arcade, classic cars, and retro vibes that take you back in time and enjoy the summer.

Lady – EXID

The EXID girls returned to the fashion of the 90s to perform this MV full of hip-hop, oversized jackets and retro rhythms that when listening to them you will not stop dancing.

The scenes combine vintage televisions, effects, and colorful murals.

Dynamite BTS

Although this song is not released yet, BTS will make an explosion that will take you back in time, the teasers show basketball courts, 90’s outfits, references to “Space Jam” that promises a retro vibe that will make you dance.

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