6 K-pop Emergency Gifts to Give This Christmas


Christmas is coming and there are only less than 36 hours left so you can choose the ideal K-pop gift, if you do not know what to buy, we leave you 6 emergency ideas to end the Grinch of Santa Claus.

The Korean industry has become very popular in recent months thanks to idols and doramas, if you know someone who is a K-pop fan and you don’t know what to exchange or give them as a gift, we leave you the best tips to get a good emergency gift, although you can also schedule it for Three Kings Day.

We know that the health situation has worsened and it is impossible to leave home, but if you have some materials at home and money saved, you can get the best K-pop gift for that person, your sister, best friend, daughter, girlfriend, cousin or secret friend. Some gifts you can get online and with recycled material made manually.

If you want to surprise her, you can send the Christmas gift by parcel without leaving home. Just research what group you like, artist and what you need for your collection, we share some tutorials so you can put together your gifts and have several options for December 24. You can also wear the best winter look with these outfits inspired by the style of K-pop idols for Christmas.


Aesthetic Diary

A few months ago the famous lettering and the Bullet Journal became fashionable, a kind of diary where you write what happened in your day, inspirations, poems, ideas, song phrases and more. You can gift one to your best friend, sister, cousin or whoever you know as a K-pop fan, either with clips from their favorite group, songs, and more. If you don’t know how to do it, we leave you a tutorial.


K-pop fans usually collect these cards from their favorite artists, you only need a printer, plastic to cover, stickers and colored markers. You can create a complete collection of cards with different photos of the artist, we leave you a tutorial to make your own transparent PCs.

Gift card

Nothing better than spending the holidays listening to music or watching your favorite series and movies. If you have no idea what to give him, you can buy a gift card for Spotify or Netflix, there is also Amazon Music or a subscription to YouTube Premium. You can purchase it and transfer the activation code or contract a plan in your name so you can enjoy K-pop and support your favorite artists.


K-pop fans wish they had every possible album from their groups. You can buy the gift online and send it through parcel services such as Amazon and ask for the gift wrap, there are also other stores such as Sanborns that sell records and official items, Mixup also has home deliveries either for this Christmas or Three Kings Day .

Merch fanmade

If you do not have enough money or you want the gift to be for Christmas, you can make fanmade gifts inspired by K-pop like a sweatshirt embroidered with your favorite phrase from the songs you listen to, the name of your favorite group, name of the artist that he likes and his date of birth.

Another option is the key chains that are made with plastic and you can decorate them with markers and use trays that you have at home and use your oven, it is very easy, as long as you have the materials at home.

K-pop membership

The last option that you can buy online is a K-pop membership, either for your fan club, concerts or exclusive content on platforms such as VLive, Weverse, YouTube, Lysn (Artist’s Messaging), or official pages of the group. . You can ask the person for help and give their subscription as a gift so they can enjoy their favorite idols.


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