6 Jungkook Top Notes That Shows His Incredible Vocal Talent


Check out these moments when Jungkook left ARMY open-mouthed with his powerful voice, check out some of BTS’s Jungkook high notes he’s gifted to his fans.

Jungkook is a very prepared boy in all areas of entertainment, before his debut he received different consultancies in singing, dancing and acting, which complemented his skills and is now one of the most recognized performers of his generation.


One of Jungkook’s most admired talents by the public is his ability to sing, but not only to emit the notes down his throat, the idol is transformed when he steps on a stage and has a microphone in front of him.

A singer constantly has to take classes to find better ways to position his voice, that is why the youngest of the K-pop band has received lessons from important Korean music figures like Kim Yeonwoo.


In different opportunities such as events or concerts, the youngest of the members of BTS has shown his passion for music, getting to sing incredible high notes that are characterized by the feeling that the idol puts in his shows.

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Oh happy day

During the ‘American Hustle Life’ program, the boys from BTS received singing lessons from famed showgirl Iris Stevenson. As final proof, Jungkook, Suga and V presented the song ‘Oh Happy Day’ and Jungkook showed off his powerful voice.


The boys from BTS recently were in the United States to promote their album ‘Map of the Soul: 7’, the idols were special guests of the James Corden show and at the Carpool Karaoke, where Jungkook sang ‘ON’ in a spectacular way.

Answer: Love Myself

During the LOVE YOURSELF world tour, Jungkook gave ARMY different memorable moments, but the BTS idol was very excited when he performed the song ‘Answer: Love Myself’.


One of Jungkook’s most epic songs is ‘Euphoria’, the idol has a special appreciation for this track. The BTS member shows a very clean voice throughout his performance, to finally amaze the audience with his final note.

Yanghwa BRDG

Zion.T and Jungkook amazed their fans by collaborating in 2015 during the KBS Song Festival special program, both singers performed the emotional song Yanghwa BRDG, making this show an epic moment by Jungkook’s notes.

The Truth Untold

BTS loves to be inspired by tales and stories to create their songs, when the idols sing ‘The Truth Untold’ show their feelings, in this clip you can see how Jungkook expresses his voice in different high notes.


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