6 IBM open source projects that changed the industry


2020 was a busy year for open source at IBM. Although we launched a series of novelties this year, all with high potential, I would like to highlight 6 new projects that, in my opinion, can revolutionize sectors and make life easier for developers and technology users.

Fully Homomorphic Encryption Toolkits: encrypt data in Mac and iOS apps while using

Building security in your application structure no longer requires you to be an expert in cryptography. IBM’s Fully Homomorphic Encryption Toolkits free software provides code settings and development environment that professionals can use to calculate encrypted data and create security in the business logic of their applications. This tool is currently available for Mac and iOS. The toolkits epitomize 11 years of high-level cryptography research in a simplified initial developer experience that any professional can access and use.

Elyra: extend the JupyterLab UI to develop AI models
Whether you are just starting out in data science or are an experienced professional in the field, you are probably using the JupyterLab IDE to create data and AI models. We launched the Elyra AI Toolkit, a set of open source AI-centric extensions for JupyterLab, to simplify tasks. Elyra offers support for machine learning workflow pipelines, Git version control, code snippets and more.

Equal Access Toolkit: accessibility in mind from the start of development

Developing accessibility on your website and in your applications is extremely important for 1 in 4 adults with disabilities who use your technology. Our open source Equal Access Toolkit and Checker offer developers and testers tools they can use to incorporate accessibility directly into their workflows. The project provides clear guidance on what is needed at each stage of development, prioritized detail of accessibility requirements at each stage, test automation, browser-based accessibility verification and integrated help that supports accurate learning of the right information on right moment.

Open Horizon: enable autonomous and simultaneous management of more than 10,000 edge devices

Edge computing brings computing and data storage closer to where data is created by people, places and things. IBM’s Open Horizon project simplifies the job of getting the right applications and machine learning on the most suitable computing devices and keeps those applications running and up to date. With Open Horizon, you are able to add new features to a single-purpose device, allow your product to use other services (nearby and cloud-based) in order to enhance your existing resources, automate hands-free management , in Portuguese) of the workload lifecycle on the device and automatically deploy applications on all items where policies match and an agreement is negotiated – up to 10,000 of them by a single administrator. IBM contributed Open Horizon to the LF Edge Foundation to ensure that the project’s growth is fueled by a diverse and collaborative ecosystem.


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