6 Horror Movies Inspired By Urban Legends


Find out which chilling films have taken macabre urban horror legends as a reference, let these ghoulish characters infect you with fear and make your skin crawl.

They say that ‘life imitates art’, but sometimes it is the other way around, film directors constantly open their thoughts to new possibilities about stories, characters and plots that they want to tell the world through their camera.

Many times, their own experiences have inspired writers to create incredible stories, which are later shared through the big screen. Horror is one of the favorite genres of those who love in movies and it takes a great talent to conquer and shake the audience.

Horror legends are one of the inevitable elements in the folklore of all cultures, who has not heard the legend of the weeping woman? Or of goblins, ghosts, ghosts and even demons that come out at night to get prey.

This time we bring you 6 movies that are based on urban horror legends from around the world and that are ideal for this Halloween to put together a marathon and get your skin crawling when you see these interesting and terrifying films.


‘Teketeke’ tells the story of a group of students who try to investigate an incident in which a woman dies on the train tracks, the students will begin to experience paranormal events, as the girl’s soul will pursue them.

This Japanese film is inspired by the legend of Hikiko, a girl who suffered from bullying at school and at home the situation was the same, so after her death she decided to take revenge on all those who made her suffer.

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‘Candyman’ in a 1992 film that tells the life of a university student who is passionate about urban legends, when she hears the tale of the demon ‘Candyman’ she sets out to investigate this character. The young woman’s life takes an unexpected turn when she manages to summon ‘Candyman’ and a series of events change her destiny.

The curse of the weeping woman

This American film of the year 2019 is inspired by the legend of La Llorona, a Mexican story that tells the life of a woman who attempts against the lives of her children and as punishment is sent to earth to wander looking for them and pagan a penance for his horrible acts.

Carved The Slit -Mouthed Woman

‘Carved The Slit -Mouthed Woman’ is a Japanese film that tells the legend of Kuchisake Onna, a woman who cuts her mouth upon discovering that she was betrayed by the love of her life. This macabre entity will try to exact revenge for her broken heart.


The ‘Boogeyman’ film takes as a reference the legend of a terrifying being that persecutes children, in Latin America he is known as ‘Coco’. The American film has three installments that will make you feel terrified by its story.

The legend of the Nahuala

If you like fear and animation, ‘The legend of the Nahuala’ is for you, this is a Mexican film that tells the adventures of Leo San Juan and his brother, who after being kidnapped by the Nahuala will live one of the most terrifying experiences of their life.


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