6 hairstyles that will make you fall in love with Jungkook


Jungkook has had many styles and hairstyles throughout his career with BTS, and now we will show you the 6 that have enchanted the ARMY the most.

Jungkook has become one of the most popular idols not only in BTS, but in the world of K-Pop in general, because in addition to his great voice, he has a large number of talents of all kinds, which has made him the ‘face’ of the band.

Likewise, he has been one of the members of BTS who has had the most changes in appearance, and it is something that the ARMY loves, so now we will show you the 6 most charming Jungkook hairstyles that will surely make you fall in love.

Jungkook’s 6 Best Hairstyles

Tousled: One of Jungkook’s most rebellious hairstyles, where he leaves out hair dyes and shows off his natural dark tone, which he keeps slightly disheveled back, which makes him look like a badboy.

Blond: One of the first changes that the idol had, where he left his long and dark hair behind to become blond, something that left the ARMY breathless on more than one occasion, being one of the favorites of the fans and even his own Jungkook.

Al natural: During one of the best stages of BTS, Jungkook wore his original style, returning to have his dark brown hair, with a hairstyle with short hair and fringes, showing that he looks spectacular without so much production.

Jungkook’s rebellion and his mane

Redhead: At this stage Jungkook again grew his hair, dyeing it an intense red color, since although he is known for his radical choices, this was undoubtedly one that stole the hearts of the entire ARMY.

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Wavy mullet: This is one of Jungkook’s most recent styles, and one of his favorites, proof of this is that he recently wore it during his campaign with FILA, as we recently reported on Somagnews.

Back Redhead: Again Jungkook chose this incredible look, looking truly exotic, with more volume and combing back with wet hair, simply one of his most attractive hairstyles.


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