6 Dramas with love triangles that will make you suffer


Dramas with love triangles that you will love. Drama stories are usually about romance, where you cry, suffer and jump for joy for the main couple, who must face their social differences, personality or the villains who will not let their love triumph.

Peroooo, there are also characters who will end up conquering you and will want to steal the girl’s love, thus forming a love triangle, creating a debate for not knowing who to choose or who will end up at the end of the drama.

There are boys who insist on being the best for the protagonist, kind and very different from the cold, rude boy who once hurt them, but in love it is not commanded … what will happen? We leave you 6 Doramas with love triangles that will make you suffer.

The Heirs

Starring Lee Minho, it tells the life of Cha Eun Sang, a low-class girl who comes to study at one of the most prestigious elite schools, there she will meet a young heir who falls in love with her, but he is engaged to someone named Rachel Yoo.

The protagonist will also be the victim of Rachel’s stepbrother, but he will end up falling in love. Both will dispute their love, who will win?

The last empress

In a Korean alternate reality, monarchies still exist.

The drama portrays the life of Oh Sunny, an actress who admires the emperor and becomes his wife; However, she will discover that it is all a plan to hide the corruption of the royal family.

The protagonist will meet a bodyguard who gains the trust of her husband, but in reality seeks revenge for the death of her mother. Will they achieve the justice they both seek?

Moon lovers

Starring IU, this drama tells how a girl travels through time and ends in the Goryeo era, there she realizes that she is actually another person who will unleash a love triangle between the 2 princes of that time.

She will have to fight to survive in a different time than hers, who will steal her heart? In addition, a fight for the king’s throne breaks out.

Love alarm

A girl who does not believe in love refuses to download the application “Love Alarm”, which alerts you if someone close to you is in love and it is activated. She will live a love triangle between the most popular boy in school and his best friend. Who should you stay with?

Mary Stayed Out All Night

It tells the story of Wi Mae Ri, a naive, childish girl who views life with positivity. She will experience a love triangle when she meets the leader of a band and they become friends … and maybe something else; However, her father promises her in marriage to a young heir who seems like the perfect boy.

She will have to spend 100 days with each of them in order to choose who to stay with.

Quien eres? School 2015

It tells the story of Lee Eun Bi, a girl who lives in a family home and is bullied by her peers, so she decides to make an attempt on her life. Soon after, it is revealed that she has a twin, who attends a prestigious school, but mysteriously disappears.

After appearing, fans do not know which twin she is, but the protagonist will develop a love triangle between her school friends.


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