6 Dramas where the girl disguises herself as a boy to meet


The dramas have taught us various love and comedy stories. The plots are usually either too cliche or too sad and intense to steal a sea of ​​tears in each of its episodes.

There are also vintage themes, time travel, action, legends or paranormal events, although another of the recurring ideas within the K-Dramas is the impersonation of their characters, or when the girl must dress up as a man to be able to leave go ahead and achieve your dreams.

If you want to add new love stories a little different, where the boy doubts his own preferences, we leave you a list with 6 Doramas where the girl had to dress up as a boy.

They fight for opportunities and can only do so if they hide their true identity, but they will create confusion and have to protect their secret.

K-pop Extreme Survival

It tells the story of Ji Seung Yeon, a piano wannabe who dreams of being the best hip hop star; however, in order to fulfill her dream, she will have to join the boygroup M2 auditions.

Her appearance is unfeminine, something that will help her pretend to be a boy, but her rivalry with the leader of the group will jeopardize her plan.

You’re beautiful

It is one of the classic dramas for excellence that you must see. It tells the story of Go Mi Nyu, a girl without parents who has been in an orphanage and dreams of being a nun, but fate has something unexpected in store for her: she has to impersonate her twin brother to be part of the ANJell group .

Her identity is in danger, especially when her 3 companions begin to fall in love with “‘him” without knowing that she is a girl.


It is a very funny story that you should not miss, tells the story of Ya Nuo, a girl who has pretended to be a man for 25 years, but when her birthday approaches, she is ready to resume her true personality, until she saves a mafia boss who becomes his protector and whose sister falls in love with “him”.

To the beautiful You

Starring SHINee’s Minho, this Korean remake of Hana kimi, a Japanese drama, tells the story of Goo Jae Hee, a girl who lives in the United States and falls in love with an athlete she watches on television.

Determined to be with her boyfriend, she transfers to South Korea, to study at the same school as her crush, but it is a boys’ school, so she will have to dress up.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

It is a period drama, where a girl has to take the place of his younger brother and eat the school that is exclusively for men. She wants to help her family, who is poor and suffers from her brother’s illness.

In college, she will meet 3 boys, one of whom will doubt her preferences when falling in love with whoever creates a boy.

Coffee prince

A girl will have to dress up as a man in order to enter a cafeteria that only has male waiters, as a strategy to attract customers. The engocio is administered by a self-centered and conceited boy.



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