6 Differences That distinguish Corona Virus and Flu from Each Other


The flu and corona virus show similar symptoms. However, the two virus types have very different effects. The World Health Organization announced 6 differences between the flu and the corona virus.

Flu and corona virus are the types of viruses that can be compared to each other. Although they have common aspects, the two virus types are quite different. The World Health Organization also released a report to better understand the differences between these two viruses.

The similarity between the corona virus and the flu is seen at two important points. Both the flu and the corona virus are transmitted by touching an infected person or the face after contact. However, the corona virus can be transmitted to different people by scattering into the air after coughing or sneezing.

Both types of viruses cause similar symptoms when they infect humans. Both the corona virus and the flu target people’s respiratory systems in a variety of ways. High fever, cough and weakness are observed due to the two types of viruses. Above all, both types of viruses can become deadly, causing pneumonia.

In addition to similar aspects, the World Health Organization outlined six points where the flu and corona virus are separated. The six differences underlined by the World Health Organization are as follows:

Corona virus spreads slower than flu
The spread rate is the most important difference between the two virus types. The flu virus has a very short incubation period and multiplies rapidly. The World Health Organization announced that the rate of reproduction of the flu virus is close to three days, and the corona virus is between 5 and 6 days.

Skin Transmission
Transmission through the skin occurs when a virus reproduces after it enters a host cell and spreads to the environment. What makes the disease contagious is viral spillage. Some people started spreading viruses through their skin before showing symptoms within the first two days after they got the corona virus. In the flu virus, the spread of the virus begins through the skin two days after the symptoms appear.

Secondary Infections
Corona virus also commonly causes secondary infections. Flu can often cause pneumonia. However, it is very rare for flu patients to have a secondary infection.

Corona virus spreads through adults
The Corona virus spreads by the contact of adults. The disease therefore affects older people and adults more than children. According to a report by the Washington Post, children are naturally protected from the worst effects of the corona virus.

Corona virus far more deadly than flu
The case / death rate of Corona virus detected so far ranges from 3 to 4 percent. However, there are many cases that have not been reported yet. Transferring these cases to numbers can reduce the case / death rate of the corona virus. The case / death rate of the flu virus is much lower than the corona virus: 0.1 percent

No treatment or vaccine for Corona virus at this stage
Vaccine and treatment methods for flu virus are used all over the world. However, there is currently no vaccine or cure for the corona virus. However, scientists continue to work on treatment and vaccination against the corona virus. Intensive ongoing research will allow the treatment of the virus to be found.


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