6 cliches of the dramas we love and hate


The dramas have conquered us with their love stories, comedy and drama. Actors are a critical part of hooking us up with Korean calls, as well as OSTs and plot, but there are also things we like or may hate that are constantly repeated.

In K-Drama there are elements that make the story work, both the relationship of the protagonists, the moments of suffering, the cheesy scenes, the growth of the character and the support he receives, among others. These are things that writers always take into account and are never lacking in most stories.

Bad boy and girl who is not popular fall in love? Dramatic scenes? Sure you know more than one cliché, but so that you know the most recurring, we leave you a list with 6 clichés of the doramas that we love and hate.

Being stories of very few episodes, these elements make it have a proper development and enough moments of tension, love and laughter to make it complete.

Piquito kiss

The dramas are very romantic, but they usually have an innocence and adorability that is maintained throughout the story, you will never see a kiss as … intense as in novels or movies, the actors are professionals, but usually the kisses are simple , piquito and with a simple touch, even the protagonist remains without moving in some of them, always.

Hateful mom

There will always be the hateful mother-in-law and mother who does not agree with the relationship of the protagonists, because the girl is not to her liking and the couple who wants their child, whether it be youthful or adult drama, the maternal presence is paramount.

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Character types

There will always be certain types of characters in the dramas, the best friend, loyal and unconditional, can never be missing. The secretary or comic character who may also be the love triangle of the story, the villain, the girl who wants to conquer the protagonist or will try to separate them, among others.

Love-hate with the badboy

One of the negative stereotypes that doramas have had is the bad, arrogant, rich and popular boy who mistreats the girl in history, but she is so in love that she looks for how to conquer him until he becomes friendly and treats her better.


It is a scene that cannot be missed in most of the dramas, when the couple’s relationship suffers ups and downs or they are at their best, something must happen to test their love, an accident causes them to lose their memory and do not remember who they are. the girl he met is a very repetitive thing in K-Dramas.

Modern cell phones

Whether for a propaganda issue or because they are the usual devices in South Korea, the protagonist always has a state-of-the-art cell phone, even if she is very poor, has a scholarship or more, her cell phone will never be simple.


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