6 Brazilian Games That Are On Xbox Game Pass


Xbox Game Pass: There is no doubt that Game Pass already has a very considerable list of games in its catalog, with titles coming from different parts of the globe – and of course, Brazil is also included in this list.

With that in mind, Voxel’s team has separated some names from games produced on national soil and which appear in this list, and you are free to use the space for comments in order to add more names to this great list.


Created by Studio Pixel Punk, Unsighted is a metroidvania-style action game that features a pixelated graphics style and puts you in control of Alma, an autonomous woman who wakes up in a ruined world after a war waged against humans.

In this scenario, the player is invited to explore all corners of the map in search of improvements to the character and, in addition, eliminate all important enemies that get in the way using a wide variety of weapon combinations, ranging from a pair of swords to a shuriken and shotgun junction.

Blazing Chrome

Anyone who lived through the 90s must surely remember having played, or at least seen, some title from the Contra series. The title bet on a simple idea of ​​advancing through the stages destroying everything that gets in the way without being hit until the moment of confrontation against a boss. Several other titles came later in a similar fashion, and among them is Blazing Chrome.

Blazing Chrome was developed by JoyMasher, who had previously worked on Oniken and Odallus: The Dark Call. The game’s setting focuses on sci-fi elements from the 80s and the possibility of using various equipment to detonate whoever is in the way.

Dodgeball Academy

A game made by Pocket Trap, a team from São Paulo’s studio, Dodgeball Academia puts you in the role of an athlete who wants to become the best dodgeball player. The title uses action RPG mechanics to show this protagonist’s journey in which everyone around you is struggling to achieve the same goal – so it’s up to you to create alliances, form a winning team and participate in various confrontations present not only in the main missions, but also in the secondary ones and even in some mini games scattered around the academic campus.

Dandy Ace

In Dandy Ace, we have the opportunity to follow the saga of a magician who must fight to escape from a dark mirror in which he was imprisoned by his arch-enemy – and to escape this new world it is necessary to use all the tricks learned throughout life to defeat opponents that come your way.

In addition to combat, you also need to collect various items scattered along the way, including magic cards that release new techniques and other resources to help in this combat. Another detail is that after completing it, you can still enjoy all the content again through the New Game Plus option, extending the playing time here.


For lovers of a good puzzle, Tetragon is a Made in Brazil option to expand your collection of national titles within the Game Pass. Made by Cafundó Studio, this game uses a system very similar to the classic magic cube (or Rubik’s Cube, if you want the original name) so you can rotate the world and move the character from one point to another on the map.

However, you will also need to take into account the various traps scattered throughout the scenarios and even the mechanisms scattered throughout these areas in order to unlock paths to the ideal route.

Kaze and the Wild Masks

Kaze and the Wild Masks is another title able to appeal to the nostalgic side of many players by bringing in its pack classic features of platform titles released throughout the 90s. Here, the idea is to guide Kaze through various stages to try free Crystal Islands after finding all the Wild Masks, summoning the powers of the legendary guardians and getting the help you need to complete this journey.

Another important point to help your advancement is to use various forms to help not only advance the stages, but even defeat some of the opponents found throughout each of the stages.


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