6 biggest news from Apple Watch 6


This Tuesday (15), Apple announced the Watch Series 6, during the Time Flies event. The new smart watch from Apple can be considered the biggest update that the company has made in the product since it was launched, with the addition of new sensors and a new service for fans of physical activities.

6 Watch Series 6 updates

In addition to improved hardware, which will directly impact performance, the new Apple Watch brings new features to the company’s line of smart watches. Below, check out six updates that make it a really useful and sophisticated product.

1. State-of-the-art oximeter

The Apple Watch Series 6 has a state-of-the-art oximeter (blood oxygen level meter), which uses red and infrared light to calculate the color of your blood and determine the amount of oxygen it carries.

Unlike other devices of this type, the oximeter on the Watch works 24 hours a day and gives the result in just 15 seconds after the measurement.

2. The screen is the best one ever made

Despite the screen improvements introduced in the Watch Series 4 and 5, the sixth series brings an “always on” mode two and a half times brighter than the previous generation, with no negative impact on battery consumption.

3. You don’t need an iPhone to use it

Some features of the Apple Watch will still be linked to the iPhone, but in the sixth series of the watch, this does not get in the way of its usability.

Now, there is a new feature that allows you to configure the watch for independent use, which will be clearly useful for those who do not own an Apple smartphone.

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4. New displays bring new information

This time, the new dials of the new generation of Apple Watch bring more than new themes and colors. They provide new possibilities for presenting information and visualizations related to some features included in the watch.

5. Specially designed for Fitness +

The new Watch is already fully compatible with Fitness +, a subscription service aimed at fitness enthusiasts, which will cost US $ 10 in the USA.

6. Pay the same for an equivalent model
The Apple Watch Series 6 costs the same price as the watch of the previous generation, when we talk about equivalent models.


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