6 Best Classic Noir Films (and Where to Watch Them)


Movies transport moviegoers and moviegoers to millions of different worlds filled with dozens and dozens of genres. Some keep us in the harsh drama, while others take us to the stars of science fiction. Nevertheless, there is one genre of films that is extremely rare, but incredibly attractive when performed well: noir, consisting of many subgenres and semitones.

Noir films tell dark and cynical stories where the world is a dangerous place with threats around every corner. The main character usually gets out of the pit of despair or encounters a criminal element trying to survive. Films in the noir genre are usually not released due to the fact that they are difficult to make well, but there are real classic films created over the years and telling exciting stories.

6 Untouchables

Where to broadcast: HBO Max

“The Untouchables” is a harsh story about Eliot Ness, who took it upon himself to fight the mafia in a full—scale gang war in one of the most ruthless eras in history. Kevin Costner plays the main role in this story about the trials and tribulations that Eliot Ness must endure in order to destroy the criminal element in Chicago. Al Capone, played by Robert De Niro, acts as the main antagonist who holds the city with an iron grip during prohibition.

The gang supplies illegal alcohol to bars and keeps half of the police and justice system in their pocket. This creates an uphill battle for Ness and his G-Men. An irresistible force and a stationary object come face to face in this thrilling crime story.

Sunset Boulevard, 5

Where to broadcast: Pluto TV

Sunset Boulevard is an unsurpassed classic that tells the story of a murdered writer who had an accident after meeting a femme fatale. William Holden plays Joe Gillis alongside Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond. Joe is a struggling writer who has no luck, and Norma is a forgotten actress with a mania for still being on top of the world.

The two meet and embark on a silent journey to reach the lights of Hollywood. Unfortunately, Norma is a mentally unstable socialite who considers herself in the prime of her life, and Joe is a fraudster who uses her only for her name. Sunset Boulevard keeps in suspense at every corner and keeps the audience in suspense, because the ending that no one will notice.

4 The third person

Where to broadcast: Apple TV

“The Third Man” is a noir classic with a small psychological theme. After an old friend asks him to go to Vietnam, Holly Martins (played by Joseph Cotton) arrives at a tragic turn of events when he is warned that an old friend has died in a car accident.

After the funeral, strange things begin to come to light. Holly finds herself in a mysterious investigation to find out the truth about what happened to his friend, and to learn more about the ghostly third person, whom some remember and others claim does not exist.

3 The Big Dream

Where to broadcast: HBO Max

“The Big Dream” is a dramatically intense film that tells about family drama, murder and blackmail. A small-time private investigator named Philip Marlowe, played by the great Humphrey Bogart, gets into difficult trouble when he is hired by a suspicious general.

A simple job becomes terribly difficult, as external forces force Marlowe to open a can of worms, forcing a potential detective to find himself in a situation from which he will need all his mind to get out. Marlowe is determined to get out of this annoying predicament, but is also determined to find out the truth about the secret he was hired to solve.

2 Infamous

Where to broadcast: Tubi

Espionage fans will love Notorious, shot by the late great Alfred Hitchcock. Notorious follows a small group of secret agents on a mission to apprehend World War II criminals seeking asylum in Rio.

Notorious is filled with A-List talents, starring Cary Grant as American agent T. R. Devlin and Ingrid Bergman as Alicia Huberman, the child of a convicted war criminal who helps Devlin with his plans. A simple search and apprehension mission is spiraling out of control as the stakes get higher with every turn. Meanwhile, Devlin and Alicia grow closer, risking their lives in the name of justice and giving their all to attract war criminals.

1 Touch of Evil

Where to broadcast: Apple TV

Orson Welles wrote the script and starred in this mystical noir film. Drug Enforcement Administration agent Miguel Vargas, played by Charlton Heston, teams up with police Captain Hank Quinlan, played by Orson Welles, to find out the cause of a car explosion outside Mexico. Unfortunately, things quickly go awry. Vargas finds himself in danger as corruption runs deep, as Queenland and his partner have ulterior motives.


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