6 Basic Outfits to Recreate BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Style


Jennie always wears amazing outfits and we give you some ideas to recreate her style using just a few clothes.

BLACKPINK’s girls are talented, beautiful and also have a great sense of fashion, for which they have been models for various brands and magazines. If you want to look as cool as them, we tell you how to get inspired by Jennie’s style.

To achieve this you need to resort to clothes that this idol wears frequently, so you can start by taking a look at the outfits that the singer wears on a daily basis.

Once that is done, you will have already been able to identify some elements that are repeated from time to time, not because they use the same garment, but that several of them correspond to a similar style.

Here are some items that cannot be missing in your closet if you want to be inspired by Jennie’s style when creating new outfits, as well as some tips that will be useful to you.



These are short blouses that have the quality of being made with soft fabrics, very similar to those of a sweater and that also have buttons that give them a feminine touch. You can also substitute this garment with a button-down sweater that is not very long.


Jennie is a fan of wearing different types of hats, but one that she wears frequently is berets, they give a classy touch to all her looks, so she looks very feminine and elegant.


When you want to give a formal touch to your outfit, a blazer will be the solution, Jennie uses this garment in many styles, but if you are not used to seeing yourself with this garment, you could start with an easy one to combine in gray or beige with squares.


Jeans are always in fashion, but the cut of pants will give a totally different touch to your look. Some high-waisted jeans will highlight your figure, but you can opt for one that is wide in the legs for a relaxed look that will go perfectly with a crop top.


As we mentioned before, another garment that is present in many Jennie outfits are crop tops, they can be sporty, with lace or prints, you will choose the one that best suits the occasion in which you are going to wear it.


This idol uses a wide variety of types of footwear, but an item that is infallible due to how easy it is to combine it will be a pair of white tennis shoes, according to your style you can choose if you are suited for sports, flat sole or platform. .


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