6 Basic garments to create incredible outfits in cold weather


Prepare the ideal clothing items to withstand this cold season without losing style, we will tell you which items will save your outfit.

The cold and rainy environment can motivate you to stay in bed all day, for many that is not possible, but even if you are at home, you can survive this climate and continue to wear incredible outfits if you wear the right clothes.

This year may not have given you the opportunity to show off your best outfits in front of your friends due to the health risks that exist, but being at home is not synonymous with staying in your pajamas all day throughout the week.

Now that the cold weather has begun, it is time to renew the items that we have more on hand, put the light clothes in the back of the closet and shake off all the warm clothes that will help us endure this season.

Do not let the low temperatures ruin your style, prepare yourself with the best items that will make you look wonderful without freezing in the attempt and create great outfits.



Boots will be your allies this season, especially because if you do not leave the house, it is likely that you will not stay very active at some times of the day either, some boots will help you keep your feet and part of your legs warm, if you believe that this is not enough or your boots are not so warm, then you can combine them with long socks or leg warmers.


In case you have to go out, you can opt for some rain boots that will save your feet from getting soaked.


Another key garment to withstand the cold season will be hats, if you want to look classy and super fashionable, berets are the best for you, but for some styles it will be more appropriate to use beanie hats, also the latter are super warm.

Turtleneck sweaters

Sweaters will also be a fundamental piece for the outfits you wear in this cold season. Although we can wear light sweaters at different times of the year, for cold weather a closed style will be the best, an alternative is the turtleneck sweaters. There are some that you can use as a blouse and add vests or jackets to protect yourself more, but you will also find some extremely soft and warm.


Coats will be an ideal garment to give a better look to any outfit, do not be afraid to experiment with this article, you will see that it adapts very well to a large number of looks and will keep your temperature away from the cold.


Does the cold mean it’s time to put your skirts away? Not at all. Skirts, shorts and dresses will continue to be pieces that will make you look great, but to survive the cold you must combine them with other garments such as those mentioned above (boots, sweaters, hats and coats), but you will also need thick socks, they can be black, skin color, or whatever color you think will be easier to combine with your clothes.


Flannel shirts

This is a very casual basic that does not go out of style, flannel shirts will be of great help to keep you safe from the cold because you can use them without feeling that thick clothes are in the way. These shirts can be combined with jackets that are not so thick, so you will not feel heavy but you will not be cold either.


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