6 Asian Dramas That Have More Than One Version


The stories that we fell in love with in K-Dramas sometimes have more than one version thanks to the success they have around Asia.

South Korean dramas have been gaining popularity around the world for several years, but Asian stories are not far behind, so sometimes it is about replicating the success of a series by making new versions in different countries.

Although sometimes the drama we know belongs to South Korea, many times it is not the original version of the story, while at other times it is the K-Dramas that originate the interest in a narrative.

Knowing the different versions of a story will allow you to enjoy the same premise from different points of view, since each adaptation has given special details to the series.

Have you seen several versions of the same story? If you haven’t tried, this is your chance to get started.

Here we tell you about some series that many people knew from K-Dramas but that have adaptations in different countries and at various times.


Descendants of the Sun

In 2018, Korea introduced us to the story of Dr. Kang and Captain Yoo Shi Jin, but the success of this K-drama broke boundaries and motivated others to adapt the narrative. Vietnam created its own version of this series in 2018 and was named Hau Due Mat Troi. Then in 2020 a Filipino version by the name of Descendants of the Sun started airing.

China also created a new adaptation of the story under the name Dear Military Uniform and although some previews of this show have already been shown, no information about the premiere has yet been revealed.

Fated To Love You

In 2014, South Korea released the K-Drama titled Fated To Love You, although this is one of the most famous versions of this story that exists, it is not the only one. In fact, the first version bears the same name and was released in Taiwan since 2008.

Meanwhile, the Chinese version is called You Are My Destiny and it was released in 2020, in this same year a Japanese version was revealed under the name Unmei Kara Hajimaru Koi.

Thailand also created its own version of this story, like the Chinese version, this series is called You Are My Destiny and premiered in 2017

Playfull Kiss

Playfull Kiss was a K-Drama starring Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Min that premiered in 2010, but before this version there were others about the same story. In 1996 Japan revealed the dorama Itazura Na Kiss and a new version would be made with It Started With a Kiss, a series that was released in Taiwan in 2005, two years later this same country would launch another adaptation with the name of They Kiss Again.

Then in 2013 we would see the premiere of Itazura Na Kiss Love In Tokyo, but the adaptations would not stop for a while, as Thailand created a version of this story that was called Kiss Me in 2015.

For its part, the Taiwanese adaptation was released in 2016 and was called Miss In Kiss, but in that same year Itazura Na Kiss The Movie also premiered in Japan.

The most recent adaptation of this romantic series is Fall in Love At First Kiss, the Chinese version that premiered in 2019.

Moon lovers

South Korea showed us the story of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo with a K-Drama that premiered in 2016. But before this version there was already a Chinese version under the name Bu Bu Jing Xin. This series premiered in 2011 and, unlike the Korean version, Bu Jing Xin does have a second part that shows us what happened to the protagonists after they separated.

You’re beautiful

You’re Beautiful premiered in South Korea in 2011 with Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun Suk as the leads, but this series also features a Japanese version released in the same year called Ikeme Desu Me and a Taiwanese adaptation called Fabulous Boys Taiwan. which premiered in 2013.

Boys Over Flowers

This is one of the stories that has more versions. The first adaptation of the original manga was made with a Japanese film under the name of Hana Yori Dango that was released in 1995, but then came the Meteor Garden series created in Taiwan in 2001.

Japan made its own television adaptation under the same name as the manga, this production ran for several seasons and the first began airing in 2005.

In 2009 we saw the premiere of the Korean version under the name Boys Over Flowers, but also that of a Chinese adaptation called China Meteor Shower. The adaptations did not stop and China released a version with a touch of fantasy called A Different Kind Of Pretty Human.

Following this, in 2015 China renewed this story and presented it with the name Moon River, to later return with a new version of Meter Garden in 2018.


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