6 Ariana Grande songs that will reveal your sensitive side


Some Ariana Grande songs cannot be missing from your playlist of sad songs, know which tracks by the singer from ‘Positions’ will bring more than one tear to your attention. : C

All music artists are transforming, bringing different facets to the stage, but their inspiration comes from the same place, their experiences.

Ariana Grande is one of the youngest singer-songwriters in the world, the interpreter of ‘Dangerous Woman’ has broken important records of sales, reproductions and her work is always within the highest positions of the chats.

The celebrity originally from the city of Boca Raton in Florida, United States has known how to communicate with the public through her songs, which are characterized by the powerful voice of the also actress.

The ‘Positions’ interpreter has several record materials on the market and in her career there are tracks for every occasion in your life, because everyone has experienced their first love, distance and even a breakup.

This time we bring you 6 sad songs by Ariana Grande, if you are a fan of the star it is better that you add these songs to your playlist. Check out some GRAMMY Award winner tunes that will help you get all your pain out


Maybe ‘Needy’ is one of the most emotional songs by Ariana Grande, the singer opened her heart and in this song she explains her way of loving, her insecurities, her fears and passions.

My Everything

‘My Everything’ by Ariana Grande is the right song to dedicate to a love that ended, for a person who left or for an angel who takes care of you from heaven, the lyrics of the track are very sad.

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Almost Is Never Enough

This track belongs to the record material of ‘Yours Truly’ and is a collaboration with Nathan Sykes, the lyrics of the song are inspired by a relationship where love is not enough.


Ariana Grande dedicated this song to Mac Miller, it is a track that speaks of the presence of her ex-boyfriend in her life, the singer suffered a lot when the rapper passed away, so she found the perfect way to channel her pain.

Best Mistake

‘Best Mistake’ is part of the album ‘My Everything’, the lyrics of the song portray a destroyed relationship, feelings and everything that implies saying goodbye to a person that you still keep in your heart.


‘Pov’ is a song from Ariana Grande’s latest album.

This is a reflective song that talks about loving yourself from the point of view of that special person, the melody is very beautiful and could move your most sensitive fibers. How about?


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