6 AAA Franchises That Should Start To Include Photo Mode


Virtual photography is becoming an increasingly popular activity among gamers. Although it’s hard to track exactly where it started, somewhere in 2015 the idea of “photo mode” caught on, allowing people to take pictures in the world of video games. He started appearing in more and more titles in different companies. The exact options were different, but the basic principle of having a tool that allowed players to freely take pictures of their gaming adventures and share them turned out to be extremely popular. Virtual photography using in-game photo mode itself has become an art form, and virtual photographers have practically turned into a subgroup of gamers. This idea was picked up even by some little-known indie games.

But while virtual photography continues to evolve as a hobby, and the range of games supporting it is still expanding, there are still games that have failed to realize the value of a reliable photo mode. Some of them are big developers with hugely popular games, but their franchises continue to resist the growing presence of virtual photographers. These are the main franchises for which studios need to start adding the right photo mode to their games.

6 Bioshock

The original Bioshock games, unfortunately, preceded the advent of virtual photography. The closest that a player could pick up were the research cameras in the first two, and even they were hardly effective for getting high—quality photos. Photography wasn’t even their main function in the game — the cameras were conceived as a means of collecting information to help in survival.

While it’s understandable why Ken Levine couldn’t come up with a photo mode during game development, it’s unfortunate given the series’ talent for impressive environments and situations. Modern virtual photographers would have a lot of fun capturing all the details of Delight and Colombia or the various strange characters they met. It would be great to get good photos of Big Daddies. Fortunately, a new game is in development. I hope he can finally fix this flaw of the previous games.

5 Official duty

Activision’s signature series of first-person shooters is seriously late with the photo mode. Great characters, fast—paced action, detailed environments – all of this has a cinematic quality that would be exceptional for virtual photography, and yet the players got nothing, even after eight games released during the time when virtual photography has grown as an art form.

Even stranger, Vanguard actually hired professional war correspondents to take photos in the game using an expensive virtual camera, but they never bothered to add a public photo mode. The only hope at the moment is the possibility that this will finally change in Modern Warfare II. Unfortunately, Activision has not yet made any statements in one direction or another.

4 gears of war

The popular series of third-person shooters from Microsoft has been around for a long time and has always been distinguished by cinematic quality. There is no shortage of spectacles of action and destruction, unique environments and strange encounters that would be perfect for a photo mode.

Of course, the first three titles were released before virtual photography became widespread, but an updated reissue of the original trilogy with an added photo mode will certainly please fans. But unfortunately, it still hasn’t appeared in later titles. To some disappointment, producer Rod Fergusson promised a photo mode for Gears 5, but it never happened. Photo mode in any of the games offers exciting possibilities: from epic duels with chainsaws to frenzied brumax. Hopefully this will be resolved when they announce Gears of War 6.

3 Halos

Microsoft’s other popular shooter franchise was also guilty of not supporting virtual photography. Even The Master Chief Collection couldn’t cope with its remasters of the first two games. Many fans were disappointed to learn that there is no photo mode in Halo: Infinite, despite the fact that it was present in other major games of the same time.

The series definitely has good material for photos. Master Chief alone would probably be a popular subject for photographs, not to mention sci-fi environments, vehicles, explosions and a large number of aliens who could also make interesting shots.

2 The Witcher

the witcher 3 ciri

While it may not be to everyone’s taste, few can deny that The Witcher III: Wild Hunt had incredible visuals. The world and its characters demonstrate amazing design with great attention to detail. Unfortunately, the game itself has never had a normal photo mode. Some players have tried to work around this with the Nvidia Ansel app, but this solution only works on PCs. Console players were left in a quandary.


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