5X Comedy: Amazon Prime drama gets release date


The Brazilian series 5X Comédia, recently announced as one of the original productions of Amazon Prime Video, has been released. The episodes will be streaming from March 26, a Friday.

The cast has the participation of several famous comedians, such as Gregório Duvivier, Katiuscia Canoro, Martha Nowill, Rafael Portugal, Roberta Rodrigues, Samantha Schmütz, Gabriel Godoy, Thati Lopes and Yuri Marçal.

Based on the homonymous theater franchise, originally created by playwright Sylvia Gardenberg, the comedy will consist of five episodes, all focused on the theme of social isolation, which has been triggered since last year due to the various restrictive measures imposed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus .

With the premiere taking place this month, in this way, Amazon’s streaming inaugurates the distribution of original Brazilian fictional content. Filmmaker Monique Gardenberg, sister of the creator of the theatrical format, is the one who signs the executive production and development of the project, which in its first season focuses on comical, but extreme situations, of people in quarantine.

5X Comedy Episodes Address Behavioral Issues During the Pandemic

The five episodes of 5X Comedy, in some way, will be quite different from each other. They start from different points of view to bring to the public stories with very contemporary themes, such as loneliness, fear of the unknown, relationships and work.

Furthermore, the production also intends to make criticisms related to important issues such as the difference of social classes, especially when it comes to privilege. “With agile dialogues and often acid humor, the episodes also bring moments of great emotion”, says the description of the series.

The debut episode will feature the protagonist of Gregório Duvivier, who plays João, a hypochondriac man who, after presenting a covid-19 symptom, ended up commanding a true war strategy in his suite.

The interaction of a dead-end couple will also be remembered in the series. Gabi (Thati Lopes) and Lucas (Victor Lamoglia) start dating at the beginning of the pandemic and decide to live together, but end up having their relationship worn out over time. To try to alleviate the situation, they end up insisting on a therapy for couples remotely.

The other episodes also focus on the difficulty of relationships during this troubled period, as is the case of the story that Martha Nowill stars, bringing an interesting debate about machismo. The plot with Yuri Marçal bets on technology as a facilitator during the pandemic and with Rafael Portugal in a recurring reality about the confrontation of classes in the quarantine.

That way, don’t miss it! 5X Comedy debuts on March 26 on Amazon Prime Video.


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