5G: US Confirms Pressure on Brazil To Delete Huawei


5G: The senior director of the National Security Council for the Western Hemisphere at the White House, Juan González, confirmed on Tuesday (10), in an interview with Argentine and Brazilian journalists, the pressure exerted by the United States on the Brazilian government during a mission carried out last week to withdraw Huawei from the 5G network auction.

The US representatives said that the Brazilian government should take into account a possible shortage of chips that Huawei could face, which would have consequences for Brazilian consumers. The Americans plan to take measures to restrict the sale of high-tech products to Chinese companies.

González also stated that the exclusion of China’s telecommunications giant from the 5G auction is not linked to US support for Brazil to become a “global partner” of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Huawei’s exclusion pressure

The United States has pressured Brazil to exclude Huawei from the auction for the deployment of 5G technology since Donald Trump’s government, but it has never admitted the pressure. González’s statement marks the first time a high-ranking American representative has mentioned the Chinese company’s possible logistical difficulties.

In 2019, still under Trump’s administration, the US government included several Chinese chip-producing companies and their “dirty list,” which prohibits commercial relationships with American companies.

Despite not being on the official agenda, 5G technology was one of the main topics addressed by representatives of the government of Joe Biden in recent visits to the heads of the Brazilian and Argentine governments.

5G Auction

In Brazil, the 5G auction is scheduled to take place in 2021 and should move more than R$ 44 billion. The notice is being analyzed by the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU), which should give a final opinion on August 18th. The bidding draft does not exclude Huawei from the bid, but provides for a separate government network that the Chinese company could not participate in.


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