5G: TCU Approves Notice and Auction Should Take Place in October


5G: The Federal Court of Accounts (TCU) concluded on Wednesday (25) the vote on the proposal by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) for the auction notice for 5G. Seven ministers followed the favorable vote of Minister Raimundo Carneiro, rapporteur of the process, and one vote was against.

The document returns to Anatel, which should publish the notice until next week. The auction should take place in October, according to government estimates. Until December, the capitals of the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro should receive coverage with the technology. The other capitals will have 5G until July 2022.

The auction should move R$ 44 billion and will grant the right to explore four fifth-generation mobile internet frequency bands, divided into 16 national and regional lots, for 20 years.

Each lane works as a way for over-the-air data traffic and involves investment commitments by operators, such as bringing internet to the country’s highways and to isolated locations, among others.

Internet in Schools

In response to a request from the Chamber of Deputies’ education bench, the TCU rapporteur recommended the inclusion of quality mobile internet in public schools for basic education. However, Anatel is not required to change the notice.

The Minister of Communications, Fábio Faria, was in favor of the measure. In a note, he stated that the recommendation will be followed. The amounts of fines and grants will be used to reinforce services to schools, according to the minister.

private network

TCU’s decision maintained in the notice the need to implement a private network for exclusive use by the government and the installation of a fiber optic network in the Amazon region, also known as the Integrated and Sustainable Amazon Program (Pais).

The private network is a government concern, especially given the possibility of Huawei’s participation in the technology. According to the notice, the Chinese company will only be able to supply equipment for the installation of commercial frequencies and will not be able to participate in the exclusive government network.


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