More 5G products! Huawei announces CableFree, technology that promises innovation in antenna design


One of the largest 5G technology providers, and celebrating the number of stations in China, Huawei announced new innovation technology in its networks. CableFree basically consists of a new antenna design for its 5G base stations. The arrival of the new technology has improved several aspects compared to the antennas of the 5G base station.

Among these points of improvement are radiation efficiency, integration and energy capacity, which mark a new stage in antenna technology standards as the world prepares for the ultimate adoption of 5G.

With more bandwidth available and faster, 5G also sees new challenges coming due to internal complexities. Thus, the new antenna technology and, according to Huawei, better suited to face the challenges that 5G imposes.

CableFree will bring a general improvement in the 5G network coverage, which corrects one of the main flaws in the current technology, which is the more restricted network coverage compared to previous generations. Huawei’s technology has a radiation efficiency 20% higher, and this is necessary because, with the introduction of high frequency bands in 5G, it is necessary to increase the gains of the antenna to obtain a broader coverage.

Also gains in energy efficiency of the new design, which reach up to 80%, necessary due to the greater power of the 5G network. And this is done in a smaller size, with a six-band antenna 10kg lighter than the previous generation, and improved passive intermodulation (PIM) performance.

This means, in practice, that the interaction between two mechanical components will be improved, using fewer screws, joints and welding, making the antennas more optimized than the current standards.


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