‘5G’: Motorola and Samsung themselves Procon-SP


It is not difficult to find operators and manufacturers announcing the sale of smartphones compatible with 5G technology – which may take a long time to be made available to the general public, since the frequency auction in Brazil should take place only in April or May 2021 Now, some of them will have to confirm the regularity of their actions, as Procon-SP has notified three companies to provide clarifications: Motorola, Samsung and Claro.

According to the entity’s press office, as of November 6, companies had 72 hours to explain “if a product linked to 5G technology is already available in Brazil and, if not, why is this advertising explicitly mentioned? information.” In addition, whether they alert the consumer to any service limitations and, if so, how this announcement is made.

In turn, Claro should go into more detail, because, by informing on its website that “it brings the first 5G commercial network in Brazil” and that “Motorola Edge would be the first 5G smartphone in the country”, it is summoned to demonstrate ” if the 5G technology offered is linked only to Motorola devices; if there is a need to specify the breadth of coverage of the 5G service, when available; if there will be limitations; in what situations the service, in the way it is being offered, will be guaranteed; and if you have been authorized by the competent bodies to offer the 5G service. ”

What do companies say?

All those involved confirmed the receipt of requests from the agency, with Claro saying that it will provide technical clarifications and Motorola reinforces that “all communication regarding products compatible with Claro’s 5G DSS network include guidance for users to inform themselves together. to the operator about the availability of the data plan, the price and the available network coverage area. ”

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Finally, Samsung limited itself to declaring that it will answer the questions and that the data on 5G can be found on the official website and in the communication materials.


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