5G, Bolsonaro minister creates conflict in public


This Sunday (28th), the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ernesto Araújo, used social networks to criticize the president of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Kátia Abreu (PP). The reason for the conflict would have been the senator’s interest in implementing 5G in Brazil. “On March 4, I received Senator Kátia Abreu to have lunch at the MRE. Courteous conversation. Little or nothing spoke of vaccines. At the end, at the table, she said: ‘Minister, if you make a gesture in relation to 5G, you will be the king of the Senate’. I didn’t make any gesture ”, Araújo says on his Twitter.

According to the minister, he disregarded the suggestion, since the issue of implementation depends on the Ministry of Communications and President Jair Bolsonaro.

Araújo’s comment comes amid pressure from deputies and senators for his resignation. The minister was quite confronted during the hearings in the National Congress last Wednesday (24). Parliamentarians claim that Araújo’s administration is one of the causes of Brazil’s diplomatic difficulties in obtaining vaccines or inputs for its production in the country.

5G in Brazil and relationship with China

Kátia Abreu stated that the minister’s message “lacks the truth” and distorts the purpose of the meeting, which, according to her, lasted three hours and several other issues were addressed, including deforestation in the Amazon. The senator says that she asked the minister that the bidding for the 5G network had no “political vetoes or restrictions”. “I also warned this man of the losses that a veto to China on the 5G issue could give to our exports, especially from Agro, which has been saving the country for decades,” she said in a statement.

Discussions about the implementation of 5G technology in Brazil have been present on the political scene since last year. Ernesto Araújo is considered one of the ministers of the government’s “ideological wing”, which restricts relations with China. Government allies say that the participation of Chinese companies, such as Huawai, in the implementation of 5G technology in Brazil may create a risk for information security in the country. Kátia Abreu says that the minister used a “terrible sentence as if the senators had been sold to 5G” and that there is an orchestrated action among the bolsonaristas to spread that Arthur Lira and the senators were bought by the Chinese Huawei.

Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM), current president of the Federal Senate, defended the parliamentarian and said that the criticism of the minister affects all senators of the House. “Minister Ernesto Araújo’s attempt to disqualify the competent senator Kátia Abreu affects the entire Federal Senate. It is precisely at a time that we are seeking to unite, add, and pacify the relations between the Powers. This constant disintegration is a great disservice to the country”


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