5G Alert from Huawei to UK


The UK government made a big decision in January, shedding green light on Huawei’s 5G efforts in the country. Huawei started actively working in the UK, although there were calls from the USA in the opposite direction.

Although Huawei has been continuing its 5G work in the UK for almost two months, we have heard anti-Huawei rhetoric from many names in this process. Particularly, the Conservative Party members think that Huawei’s work should not be allowed due to the company’s links with China.

Response from Huawei
Huawei Vice President Victor Zhang sent an open letter to the UK government and made some responses to Huawei opponents.

A US delegation led by U.S. National Security Advisor Attorney Matt Pottinger had proposed the UK not to give green light to Huawei’s 5G work a few months ago. However, the Boris Johnson government has decided to work with Huawei to counter this US recommendation. But politicians in the country have been contesting this decision ever since.

Huawei Vice President Zhang stated in his letter that the claims about Huawei were unfounded. In addition, Zhang said that the company’s work is in the country’s benefit, and said that it would be “at a loss” for the UK to not receive help from Huawei on 5G.

Zhang Vodafone also talked about their partnerships with companies such as IT and how important these partnerships are. Millions of citizens have quarantined themselves across the UK. People no longer go out unless they have to, and spend most of the day at home. According to the information shared by Zhang, an additional 50% load was imposed on the telecom systems in the country during this process. Zhang believes that it would be wrong for Britain to cut its relationship with Huawei, especially in such a period.

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5G Attacks
5G technology continues to cause controversy worldwide. An attack on 5G stations in the UK was carried out recently. It has only been a few days since some 5G stations in the Netherlands were set on fire.

People organizing these attacks claim that 5G stations lead to coronavirus, cancer and various diseases. There are also allegations that these stations are controlled by China.


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